Rubis – Wine Bar in Brussels


I love my neighbourhood. The obvious reason … because we bought an apartment here so I would hope we made a good choice! The second reason … because it is a booming commune, where new restaurants, bars and foodie places open all the time. Call me lucky!

Rubis opened around the corner from us. Hello favorite wine bar! Relaxed owner, with a taste for the unusual, off the beaten path wines, trendy folk chatting away in a variety of languages, delicious snacks … what is not to love? And the prices are also pretty decent.

I love the concept of a wine bar offering a large choice by the glass, as well as buying the bottle of wine to share (irrespective of the price of the bottle it costs 9e to share the bottle on site). Or to take home (which we did, after we sampled some glasses sur place). The terrace is Saint Gilles minimalist but a great corner spot. The interior a bit crammed but somehow reminds me of the wine bars we visited in Bologna.

To top it all off? The owner, Pierre Val, passed as a sommerlier in two of my favorite Brussels restaurants – Chez Oki and Inada – before embarking on this solo venture. His love for independent wines is well present in Rubis, however there are also more commercial, ‘easy’ wines and there is nothing wrong with that. 

In summary? We loved it. A great local gem which I think deserved to be discovered … but not too much as there won’t be any places left on the terrace when we pass by. 

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