Peck 47

A bit slow getting on the Brussels brunch bandwagon … I finally made it to Peck 47.

Small confession: whilst I used to be a very regular downtowner (not sure the word exists … but you know what I mean), ever since the metro-boulot-dodo lifestyle, I don’t get to go down town as much. Or at all. Which practically makes every single down town visit an event in itself.

Peck 47 #restaraurant review Brussels @onfoodandwine

Then I feel sorry for missing out on so many places. Promises to myself to go downtown a lot more often. Get back to my not so far from centre neighbourhood (Saint-Gilles), the metro-boulot-dodo weekly race takes over … and another 3 months pass.  

Anyway … 

Back to Peck 47. Three very good friends, time off from babies and husbands, and we got to meet for brunch. Just off the Grand Place, this small but very cosy (and busy!) cafe already made the blogging rounds. So you might have heard or read about it. Or both.

Peck 47 #restaraurant review Brussels @onfoodandwine

When we arrived at lunch time Saturday it was packed but we managed to get a little table just off the main serving / bar area. I heard around me a lot of different languages but with Brussels being so cosmopolitan, it is difficult to say if they were locals or tourists. My guess? A bit of both. 

The cafe is full of quirky little details, a bit of bric-a-brac, a bit of DIY and I could not stop laughing at the two rabbits talking on the wallpaper. You’ll see what I mean when you’ll visit. A hint of bright NY cafe meeting the laid back new Brussels style. Very inviting. 

Peck 47 #restaraurant review Brussels @onfoodandwine

The menus arrived, the owner apologised for the busy lunch time rush, but as we had plenty to catch on we didn’t mind. We ordered 3 different juices, and as always I had juice envy at my friend’s very delicious  blueberry and basil homemade lemonade.

We didn’t really see the time fly by so when our food arrived, we were ready to dig in. Vegetarian quinoa salad. A very generous bacon parmesan salad. A chicken, avocado, slow roasted tomatoes ciabatta. All delicious. All fresh and aplenty. Served on wooden boards (love!), in old fashioned enameled pots (love!), and of course in the very trendy Mason jars (not personally my style … but I see the attraction). 

Peck 47 #restaraurant review Brussels @onfoodandwine

We lingered on but as we were full we did not (unfortunately!) try the cakes. We had coffee but what is a coffee without a cake? A sorry coffee! Next time.  I did appreciate the staff not trying to rush us out although there was a mini cue waiting to be seated … which makes their service stand out for me. 

Looking around everyone seemed to enjoy their food. Their books or tablets (free wi-fi). Their coffees. And we loved our proper catch up in Peck 47 talking about … following our dreams. 

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