Knees to Chin

Knees to Chin is again one of ‘those’ places which if you follow the Brussels food blogosphere has been written and photographed at umpth. We went there due to a very simple combination – bank appointment (Ixelles), lunch time (hungry). Where to go? Around the corner it turned out, to Knees to Chin. 

Just a bit ahead of the lunch crowd which was lucky. The place is tiny but also very popular, so full is an understatement. I also noticed they were preparing a lot of orders for take away so the girls behind counter Knees to Chin had their work cut out. #restaurant review of Knees to Chin in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

Knees to Chin is the brainchild of Roxane Gernaert who decided in 2014 that a place dedicate entirely to Vietnamese rolls was missing on the Brussels scene. And right she was.

The name is a nod to the Vietnamese street eating style which I think gives the place its own quirkiness. The restaurant specializes in rolls only – with a variety of fillings, some a bit more successful than others (strawberries? nope …) – and since it opened is buzzing. The food is fresh, is incredibly fast (which for lunch is a recipe for success) and light. It is also fun … dare I say a bit young? It is colourful and there are a lot of sides and extras which make the whole lunch very joyful.  

#restaurant review of Knees to Chin in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

But somehow I had the feeling the whole restaurant and food was very much aimed at the Millennials. Not that I am centuries older … but the whole lunch crowd was snapping away on their phones (granted, me too), was talking in hashtags and was more or less sporting the same outfit. Which was refreshing and young and fun. However probably not the best place to talk mortgage and interest rates … I have to confess that the whole lunch experience was just a bit too i-fast and too i-crammed.   

In summary? We loved it and the lunch was delicious. Would we go back? Probably if in the neighbourhood. 

Knees to Chin – website 

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