B is for Berchem-Saint Agathe – Commune Dinners in Brussels

You thought we gave up our commune dinners? Well … almost … but not quite. It took a while (and a baby) to get back on track but here we are eating in Berchem St-Agathe. I say we, but in fact there were only 3 of us enjoying this dinner. Schedules don’t always allow all 4 of us to meet and eat, but we decided to press on as there are still many letters to go till we reach … Z (Zaventem?!)

Commune facts – Berchem Saint Agathe

As always with our commune dinners, we did a little bit of fun fact research before we went. Unlike other communes where there is very little to discover, Berchem Saint Agathe is a treasure! 

Random facts:

  • obviously the name has religious connotations, particularly linked to the Sicilian virgin martyr, Saint Agatha;
  • it is one of the smallest but greenest communes of Brussels;
  • there are several true architectural treasures in the commune, including the Cite Moderne, a row of houses built especially for workers at the beginning of the 20C;
  • 7 acres of Wilder woods
  • … and last but not least, the birthplace of no other than Jean Claude van Damme

#Brussels from A to Z - Commune Dinners by @onfoodandwine

Culinary discovery – Brasserie de la Gare 

In typical brasserie style, the restaurants decor nods to the beginning of the 20thC. Wood all over, old style tiles on the floor, the occasional wrought iron work. 

The restaurant is obviously well loved in the neighborhood as it is buzzing. Locals mingle with non-locals (us!). The food which comes out of the kitchen does look very appealing so with no further ado we look through the menu and notice … enough dishes to satisfy everyone.

The restaurant is famous for its home-made vol-au-vent (chicken in a sauce in pastry … a Belgian dish which I sometimes like and I also sometimes don’t). Other Belgian dishes on the menu are croquettes crevettes, americain maison and veal tongue. We did not try them all but based on the food we had I would not mind going back to try them. 

A very nice discovery. On to the next commune … Etterbeek. 

Brasserie de la Gare – website


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