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Are you enjoying this gorgeous Indian summer? We certainly are and where better to soak in the sun than at one of the many Brussels terraces. 

We recently stopped at Chez Mauricette for lunch (brunch). The restaurant is located in the European quarter but as the name hints to, it is more local restaurant than expat pub. A great place with a super cute logo, Chez Mauricette exudes a nostalgic air of the 70s but with much better food!

The concept of Valerie Kohl’s restaurant is to serve healthy and fresh food, most of which is made daily on the premises. The open buffet offers both cold and warm dishes, salads, a selection of desserts bought in from small artisanal suppliers, and a very refreshing choice of drinks. Because lunch during the week means work before and work after, I had a chicken wrap, followed by a mousse au chocolat (sin! sin! sin!) whilst my lunch partner had a mix of warm dishes curry quinoa and meatballs (de-li-cious!) with a tiramisu as dessert. 

#restaurant review of Chez Mauricette in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

When I go out for lunch during the week my blog brain tends to be a bit more in tune with my work brain. So why do I think Chez Mauricette work for lunch? In no particular order: the staff all speak English (and probably other languages too) which makes ordering in the European quarter easier; the service was super efficient; the food was ready by the time we reached the till to pay; the restaurant is big enough to seat incoming guests on a rolling basis. Done! 

As I don’t often get the chance to talk to restaurant owners, I took the opportunity when service was slowing down to chat to Valerie on what made her start Chez Mauricette.

#restaurant review of Chez Mauricette in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

A true believer in healthy good food, Valerie explained that in essence Chez Mauricette was a very straight forward concept – good food at affordable prices in a busy working neighbourhood. On top of that Chez Mauricette also offers the possibility to eat in or take away, office delivery, and there seems to be an increased demand in reserving the whole restaurant for business breakfasts or dinners. In 2017 an online ordering system will also be put in place … all to make lunch a fast but pleasant and tasty affair.

Oh … you wonder … what’s in a name? Mauricette is the names of Valeries grandfather as well as her middle name … 

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I would like to extend our thanks to Chez Mauricette for inviting us to try out their food and restaurant. Disclaimer: as always, all opinions written are our own.

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