5 Alternative Dining Options in Brussels

dining options in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

Is it just me or did most of 2015 revolve around ‘social sharing’? Everywhere I look there seems to be another aspect of our social life, well, being shared. We are all familiar with how Airbnb has changed the hotel world. Uber followed and gave us all the opportunity to hop in a stranger’s car and call it a taxi. Well … until it was blocked in Brussels. BlaBlaCar made hitchhiking digital.

Which brings me to the social foodie scene. What about eating with strangers? Or ordering food from your neighbours? All possible in today’s digitized world where boundaries between private and public are blurry. Here are my favourite top five of the moment.

1. Book a local

I first came across the social food sharing aspect through Bookalokal, a company which facilitates eating out… in a stranger’s home. Keen home chefs advertise their dinners online, you book, you go, you eat. 

No muss, no fuss, but it does come with the added bonus of meeting new people and getting the opportunity to make some foodie friends (in Brussels and beyond). 

2. Eat and meet

Meetsies took the concept a bit further and focuses on the mingling aspect of dining – why focus on food only when you can also meet like-minded people, artists and/or digital entrepreneurs alike? 

The Meetsies dining experience focuses on who eats at the table, rather than on what you eat at the table. In other words: you can have a great evening and stick to your diet (provided you don’t gulp down too much wine during all those wonderful conversations, of course). Recently, the home chefs started also offering takeaways …so double yey!

3. Say ‘hi’

To your neighbours. If you prefer to stay in but don’t feel like cooking, Menu Next Door basically informs you which one of your neighbour is cooking extra food so you can reserve a portion, and then go and pick up. Sort of. But you get the idea. Say hi to your neighbour, make some new friends and try different food. What is not to like? A handy weekly menu helps plan the lazy foodie week. 

4. Couch potato

If you prefer to stay in but don’t feel like cooking, Deliveroo has you covered. 

This services allows you to order directly from selected (or preferred) Brussels restaurant and get the food delivered to your home.  All in +/-30min flat. Perfect for those nights when you don’t want to take those fluffy slippers off and all you muster up to do is: open app, select, order. And with a bit of luck, your food might even come accompanied by a cute bike messenger… You can only keep the food 🙂 AND using ‘onfoodandwine’ you get 10e off. 

5. Surrender

… if all else fails, try one of the  many restaurants we reviewed 🙂 Go on, you know you want to!

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