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eating out at Wahaca #London - by @onfoodandwine

Don’t expect a huge long post, ahhing and ohhing over the food at Wahaca.

We were out and about in London. We had a few (!) cocktails. We were hungry. Wahaca was around the corner. So we went in and asked if they have a table. Surprise, they did! (I got used to London restaurants not having a table ready when you walk in …)

Why Wahaca you ask? Because I am was addicted to MasterChef. And I still remember Thomasina Meirs winning. Yes, that is a long time ago. Welcome to my life where past TV shows are a lot more vivid in my memory than current (baby interrupted) TV shows.

What I liked about Wahaca?

The service was fast, the choice of food decent and a nice selection of drinks. I also liked that food could be mixed and matched, and we shared several little platters between us. The atmosphere was also great as the restaurant was buzzing, full of on the go diners – both young and old, Londoners and tourists alike.

What I didn’t like about Wahaca?

Well … the food was a bit meh. And the fact that my hyped expectations (ts ts ts social media) were not really met. The restaurant is great, but the food is passable and nothing to write home about.  If  we will be in the neighbourhood we might pop in again. But going there on purpose? Probably not.

Have you been and did you like it? What other Mexican restaurants do you recommend in Brussels or London?


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