Cafe des Spores

The story so far

Cafe des Spores is amongst the Brussels restaurants which is just enough under the radar to make it a discovery, but just enough known to be full most of the times. Surprisingly , the restaurant is off the tourist radar and that is a real shame. In my humble (blogger) opnion Cafe des Spores embodies perfectly the new restaurant spirit in Brussels – trendy relaxed with just enough panash. Also a restaurant which is on the Brussels scene for quite a while … but again, it took ages till we went to eat there.

First impressions

The restaurant is quite small with an open kitchen / bar at the entrance, and a handful of tables upstairs. Downstairs a more private table can seat a small group … or be used as a communal table by diners to share. Because the restaurant was full upstairs we were seated down stairs. Minus the initial reservations to ‘mingle’ with strangers, it turned out to be a very cozy setting. Although, yes, as a food blogger the light was practically non existent for photos. But as we were there for the food … we carried on. 


The food

This post merges (in my mind at least) the review of two dinners we had there. One quite a while ago when the food was still served a la carte. And a more recent one, where we tried the set menu. Both times though the food was delicious and perfectly cooked. The restaurant is known for the spores – mushrooms – of different shapes, sizes and variety. The current set menu changes on a monthly basis and all dishes on offer – choice between 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 desserts – have incorporated mushrooms somewhere. Our set menu dinner was a choice between gnocchi and slow cooked egg, makerel and beef, and as dessert between pineapple and millefeuille. The mushrooms sprinkled throughout the menu ranged from morels, to girolles, pleurotes, white fungos or cepes. I should also mention there was a very welcome dainty aperitif and a delicious pecorino cheese break.   

I should also mention that in addition to the gorgeous food the Cafe des Spores also has a very interesting and attractive wine selection. The waiters also propose wine matches which we followed and I have to admit, food and wine alike were stunning.

Service with a smile

The service is prompt and … very French. Not sure how to explain this, but you might know what I mean. Very relaxed and friendly, almost as an extension of a eating at someone’s home. 

The verdict

The restaurant’s quality and unique take on food designed around mushrooms does not make dining out to Cafe des Spores cheap. However I found the prices to be very reasonable in relation to the food, the wine and the service we had. Definitely a restaurant we highly recommend and like returning to for a special occasion. Booking is required.

Cafe des Spores – website, Ch. d’Alsember 103, 1060 Brussels 

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