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You have probably noticed that a majority of our brunch and restaurants visits are centred in Brussels. That does not mean we don’t venture our on weekend escapes (although truth be told less so since baby arrived …). We just don’t get around to document them much, except maybe via Instagram.

One such last day trip was to Gent. By some known as the best city in Belgium, but that is subjective. Gent however is lovely and worth an entire post on its own. I could go on about the places to visit in Gent, where to shop, where to eat … and this is where we come to De Superette. Where you can have the most wonderful and comforting brunch. Ever.

review of @DeSuperette in #Gent by @onfoodandwine

A bit about De Superette. The initial concept was thought by the master chef behind In De Wulf (to close in 2016, so hurry) and De Vitrine (also in Gent), Kobe Desramaults. His vision of a low key and laid back eatery translated into De Superette, which literally means ‘the local grocery shop’. Adding an international flair to the restaurant, Kobe recruited Rose Green and Sarah Lemke to join the crew in the kitchen and by the massive bread oven.  Initially thought out as a bakery around a wood fired oven,  the restaurant expanded and now serves lunch and dinner, whist also being open as a bakery in the front.

review of @DeSuperette in #Gent by @onfoodandwine

Now even if the food divides the ‘critics’ – is it to little, too expensive? Is it too much trying to be laid back and not fancy? I don’t know. The feel of the place is earthy and simple. A hint of nostalgia, as the place kept most of its original grocery store feel mixed with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

I really enjoyed the steak tartare (raw minced beef) and their salads. And above all I absolutely fell in love with the bread. Which is probably what makes De Superette stand out in my opinion. The bread is made on sight – if you go early enough you can actually see it baked – and it tastes absolutely delicious. Coming all the way from Wisconsin to Gent, Sarah is the master baker of De Superette and if I understand correctly she had to say the least a rocky start with the Belgian ingredients. Well, I for one am happy she persevered as the outcome is to die for! Pity the bread is all the way in Gent and I live in Brussels.

review of @DeSuperette in #Gent by @onfoodandwine

If you decide to go or have been to De Superette I would love to hear your opinions. Lunch is usually free flowing. Dinner needs to be reserved. And if you feel like digging deeper into the food, De Superette has also brought out a recent cookbook (Dutch only) which lets you into some of the secretes behind the Kitchen curtains.

De Superette – website

I would like to extend our thanks to De Superette for inviting us to discover their food and cookbook and dealing with our endless questions and cameras with grace.

Disclaimer: as always, all opinions written are our own.

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