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TomYam "restaurant review in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

The story so far 

We love Asian food. You would not say that reading the blog, as we really don’t go to Asian restaurants nearly enough. But we still love Asian food. 

Tom Yam has been on my radar for a while. First because it is located in my old university neighbourhood. Secondly, you guessed it … because I love Asian food. And thirdly, I am always intrigued when young Brussels entrepreneurs – in this case Bo Deman and Mathieu Damman – take over an established restaurant and attempt a make-over. For Tom Yam I have to say, a very succesfull make-over.

First impressions

Unlike their take away establishment, Walkin’ Thai (which we have not tried out yet), Tom Yam is a slick and modern restaurant which has almost a night club feel to it. But in a good way. The restaurant has been completely redone and is trendy and cozy at the same time. I also could not spot the obvious Asian design influences (I am looking at your dragons!) but I did love the wall covered in old photographs of Thailand. I wonder if they have any special meaning to Bo Deman, who hails from Thailand?

What I liked a bit less – although very easy to use – was the take away inspired menu, where I had to navigate between icons and descriptions, logos and food (GF=gluten free, *=new and so on). On the other hand I understand this kind of menu makes ordering a lot easier mostly for those with allergies … so yes, there are a lot of gluten free and vegetarian options.  

The food 

TomYam "restaurant review in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

What is there not to like about fresh, zingy and tasty Thai food? Every time I eat Thai food I realize once again how much I love this cuisine –  the clean flavours, the freshness as well as the necessary heat kick from time to time. 

On our lunch visit we went all out. We had the aperitif maison, and ordered a mixed platter of warm starters. Delicious. Particularly the prawn cake and the grilled chicken with sate sauce. Yum, yum, yum. For mains we ordered two different dishes so we can share. Upon the recommendation of the waitress we ordered the Massaman mild curry and the very hot green curry. The choice of meat is optional so we added chicken to the first and beef to the latter.    

TomYam "restaurant review in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

The food was delicious! We had the Massaman curry before but this one hands down, so much better. And the hot green curry is a must for those who like to live on the fiery edge. Hot and tasty, and honestly the portions were more than enough.

We are just too greedy to leave any to take home … but I am sure that would have been an option, as Tom Yam also offers take away and supplies Walking Thai. 

Service with a smile

Yes – Asian hospitality at its best and we had very prompt service, so can not complain. As the restaurant was full during this lunch time I assume this kind of service is usual. 

The verdict

Great Asian food in a young neighbourhood which made me just a bit nostalgic for my student days. If around the area, I would not hesitate to go again and try something different on the menu. 

Tom Yam – website, Ch de Boondael 341-343, 1050 Brussels

I would like to extend our thanks to Tom Yam for inviting us to discover their food and dealing with our endless questions and cameras with grace.

Disclaimer: as always, all opinions written are our own.


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