Christmas Recipes – Gin & Tonic Gravlax

@onfoodandwine is making the g&t #gravlax by @dagnyros - holy salmon!

If you are following me on instagram you have probably figured out we hosted a full blown festive brunch last weekend. Perfect opportunity to go all out: cocktails, starters, food, dessert and bubbles. I am sure I am missing something… but it was fun, it was delicious, it was late (!)  

I might not get around to share all the different recipes I tried out but I simply had to share with you Dagny Ros‘s gin and tonic gravlax. Yes, as in G&T. Dead easy but ah-ma-zing! For those who don’t follow Flemish TV, Dagny Ros is an Icelandic chef-celebrity in Flanders. She hosted Junior Masterchef and also has her own cooking show on njam TV (which I have never seen as we don’t have njam TV in our ‘hood) where she shares her fresh take on food with the peopleHowever, I know Dagny Ros way before her fame as we studied together (yep!) and I can tell you she always had this freshness about her. It’s probably those Icelandic genes.

This vibe translate perfectly in her new cookbook as well which I had to get, given that for once I actually know-know the chef …. The cookbook is in Flemish so a bit of hit and miss and Google translate but in short it contains recipes for brunch and lunch, healthy shit (yes, that’s the title of the chapter), family time, kids party, BBQ and party food.

@onfoodandwine is making the g&t #gravlax by @dagnyros - holy salmon!

I decided early on that for a festive brunch I need to make gravlax. There is something elegant about gravlax and every time we make it, it’s a hit. We tried the whisky version before so I was intrigued by the G&T version. Oh! My! God! A bit sweet and a bit lemony, a bit fiery but still fresh. Give it a try and let me know what you think.  

G&T Gravlax 

50gr sea salt 

25gr sugar 

2 lemons, juice and zest 

1 lime, juice and zest 

1 big piece of salmon, no skin (500gr for 4 people)

1 big bunch dill 

5cl gin

15cl tonic 

pink peppercorns

Mix salt, sugar and lemon / lime zest. Find a storage container big enough to fit the salmon (bit of a search there). Put half of the dill on the bottom of the box. Place the salmon on top. Cover the salmon with the salt mix. Pour the lemon/ lime juice and the G&T over the salmon. Have a G&T.  Or two. Cover with the rest of the dill. Close the box and place in the fridge for 24h (so the recipe says … I only had about 14h). Pray it works out. Serve with whatever you feel like.

I made a sour cream and dill dressing and served fresh nutty bread on the side. And obviously … a G&T.  

What are you go-to festive recipes? 

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