Christmas Countdown – Gifts for Travellers

Gift Guide2

Brunch Guide – you know how much we love a good brunch. Well … imagine having a world guide of brunches in your pocket on your next trip? 

Wine on Wheels – please don’t judge! But biking through the French vineyards this bike wine rack would have come in very handy for our picnics. 

Hot Water Bottle – I am constantly cold. Nothing I can do about it, but I also never travel without my hot water bottle. OK, maybe that makes me look (and sound) old … but at least I am warm 🙂 

Swiss Knife – everybody needs a swiss knife! For the corkscrew alone. 

Cocktail Kit – you know how much we love a good G&T, in any form … so having the kit ready to drink it wherever in the world? Works for me. 

Moleskine Voyageur Notebook – ok, I admit it, I am an absolute addict when it comes to the Moleskine Notebook series. I probably have too many already … but that does not stop me from wanting their travel notebook as well. 

Scratch Map – we bought this last year and it is both amazing and exciting to see how many countries we can scratch off by year end. 

8h – A classic I know … but I swear by this cream and have it with me be it on a hot beach holiday or on a freezing skiing holiday. 

Racing Stroller – might be more fit in our guide for the little ones … but travelling has become so much more easy (and light!) since we have bought this stroller.

Photography Workshop – photography is a big part of our travels. So rather than have travel photo envy why not join a travel photography workshop before you take off? 

I would love to read and see your travel gift suggestions – tag them #ExpatGiftGuide on Twitter or Instagram so we can share the festive spirit.  Read up next weekend our gift list for the little ones. 

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