Les Larmes du Tigre

#restaurant review Les Larmes du Tigre - by @onfoodandwine in #Brussels

The story so far

One of the best Thai restaurants in Brussels, Les Larmes du Tigre, exists since the 1980s. Located just behind the Palace of Justice, and named after a dish from the North of Thailand, Les Larmes du Tigre is a true Brussels institution.

Over the years this Thai restaurant has attracted the rich and the famous in Brussels, as well as all those who enjoy delicious Thai cuisine. To keep going +30 years on the Brussels restaurant scene says something.

First impressions

Les Larmes du Tigre oozes zen’ess. There is a certain calmness about this restaurant located in what is a classic maison de maitre Brussels apartment – 3 rooms train style, flowing into each other. Going from one room to another, the décor mixes Asian influences with classic French flair giving Les Larmes du Tigre a very pleasant and sophisticated look.

And, looking up, the whole ceiling is decorated with Asian umbrellas which is simply gorgeous.

#restaurant review Les Larmes du Tigre - by @onfoodandwine in #Brussels

The food

The menu is beautifully presented, and we had  a hard time deciding what to have. The temptation to go for dishes we know just so we try out Les Larmes du Tigre take on them was big. We opted however for a combination of familiar Thai food with a few new dishes to us.

#restaurant review Les Larmes du Tigre - by @onfoodandwine in #Brussels

To get in the (Thai) mood, we ordered the house cocktail to start with, which tasted as good as it looked pretty. A hint of beach holiday there and then.

We shared a bouquet royale – a mixed platter of starters – and ordered both a cold (Thai beef salad) and hot (prawns with red curry) main. Everything was stunning, but my beef salad was probably one of the best – and spiciest!– I had in a long time. On top of this, it was also way too much to finish so we were offered to take it away, which we did. It tasted as great the next day for lunch.

#restaurant review Les Larmes du Tigre - by @onfoodandwine in #Brussels

We finished the dinner with coconut ice cream which was the perfect end to a perfect dinner.

I should also mention, that unlike many Asian restaurants which focus mainly on beers with a very limited wine selection, Les Larmes du Tigre proposes a very attractive wine list. The maitre d’ is also on hand to propose interesting matches, which we followed … and were not disspointed. 

In summary we ate delicious Thai food at Les Larmes du Tigre which is miles away from the more ‘touristy’ Thai food offered in other central Brussels restaurants. 

#restaurant review Les Larmes du Tigre - by @onfoodandwine in #Brussels

Service with a smile

Discreet and pleasant, with orders taken fast and the food arriving just on time to keep conversation flowing. We didn’t feel for one moment rushed or forgotten … Perfection which comes with the 30+ years of service is on show in Les Larmes du Tigre. 

The verdict

A restaurant which offers great Thai food in central Brussels in a beautiful setting. What more could you ask for? Yes, the bill came to over 100e for two but worth it for the delicious restaurant experience we had. 

Les Larmes du Tigre – website, Rue de Wynants 21, 1000 Brussels 

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