Christmas Recipes – Party Dessert and Cheese Platter

With Christmas around the corner I know it’s not long before panic mode starts to set in. What to cook, what to prepare … all without slaving away in the kitchen. I go through these symptoms every year (!). 

First things first – the shopping. I decided a while ago that supermarkets do make my life easier so I concentrate all my shopping in Carrefour. Ideally using their drive-through service, but I also enjoy browsing through the shop. If you follow me on instagram, you have seen my Carrefour finds for this pre-Christmas brunch tagged #carrefournye.

A pre-Christmas brunch was the ideal occasion to test some of the food I plan to try out at Christmas. Of course staying true to tradition there is little room to play with the main meal – whatever you chose to serve. In case you wonder we decided a few years ago to start our own tradition and serve goose at Christmas, which is a step different than turkey (UK) or pork (Romania).

However as much as the main stays the same over the years, the starters and desserts change and that’s where my creativity kicks in. Granted, my creativity was also spurred by the vast choice of products in Carrefour ideal for apero, starter and dessert. Without spending too much time in the kitchen (bonus!).

I already shared with you a glimpse of my starterFor dessert I tried a super simple recipe inspired by Rachel Allen‘s book Entertaining at Home. And of course I could not possibly host a pre-Christmas brunch without serving a simplified cheese board. 

Dessert – I crushed a packet of speculoos biscuits, then mixed the crumbs with melted butter, lined a tin with a loose bottom with the mixture and put it in the fridge for about 2h. The filling was made up of Greek yogurt topped with fresh berries. To make it look and taste more luscious I also defrosted a bag of frozen red fruit which I then invited guests to spoon over their yogurt-biscuit mix at their own discretion. Simple but a real stunner (and also not too heavy).  

easy #party recipes from @onfoodandwine

Cheese board – I love cheese and can hardly contain myself when buying it be it from the cheesemonger on Sunday at the market or at the Carrefour. I mix and match. However for a festive dinner I opted for less is more and bought 3 big chunks of cheese – a runny Delice de Bourgogne, a slice of Roquefort blue and a wedge of Comte. I could have gone ga-ga in Carrefour, as the choice in their hypermarket is massive. I almost cracked for a Tete de Moine, but unfortunately I don’t have the girolle to cut it…

Back to the cheese. I served alongside a nutty ‘bread’ roll of some sorts I found in Carrefour (never seen it before but now they are selling one made with dried figs and one with dried apricots in the cheese section) which complemented the cheese beautifully. I guess you could also serve dried fruit and nuts. Anything to make it look a bit more festive.

Again simple but the perfect end to a delicious brunch (if I say so myself!) made a easy with products from Carrefour, and without panic. 

What are you go-to festive recipes? 

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