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best #burger in #Brussels #Marcel - review by @onfoodandwine

Kicking off 2016 with nothing else than … bugers. I know, I know. All those resolutions out the window when the cold Brussels weather made us crave burgers! 

On a very cold but sunny Friday we met for lunch and went to a favourite Brussels spot for us – Place Chatelaine. Whilst I used to spend my ‘youth’ Wednesdays there at the market or going for drinks at Roxi, I am now discovering its more culinary side. Such as eating at Greek upscale restaurant Notos or indeed having juicy burgers at Marcel Burger Bar. 

Except the reviews around the Belgian blogosphere, I did not really know what to expect of Marcel Burger Bar. Set on a side street just off Place Chatelaine, the restaurant seems small however when you enter a large dining room opens in the back. 

best #burger in #Brussels #Marcel - review by @onfoodandwine

The decor reminded me of a 50s American diner, but done in a stylish and straight forward way. Couches, wooden tables, the Ketjep range of sauces on all tables, and proper meat knifes. Just passed 12:30, the restaurant was half full however filled up quickly throughout lunch. I did like the fact that also solo diners – women and men – sat down, paper or kindle in hand, enjoying their burger, made feeling welcome. You don’t see that a lot in Brussels.   

The menu is pretty short but in all fairness in terms of burgers there is not much lacking – lamb, beef, chicken, vegetarian, a few homemade sides, a choice of 3 salads, some desserts, and a truly Belgian beer menu. A bonus point, given we do live in Belgium, is that Marcel Burger Bar also offers a burger and beer match, which is what we finally ordered. 

best #burger in #Brussels #Marcel - review by @onfoodandwine

Lamb burger with a Saison Dupont for me, Marcel burger with a Belgoo Luppoo for my other half. For sides we took a portion of fries and one of sweet potato chips. I am sorry I didn’t order the nachos and guacamole starter as the platter at the table next to us looked very tasty! But there is only that much I can eat a lunch at a time …  

The staff was very friendly and food arrived on time, which for a (work) lunch is very welcome. Too often burgers can be chewy, too overcooked, or cold. At Marcel Burger Bar our burgers were cooked just off raw (which we asked for), still warm and perfectly seasoned. The meat was crumbly, delicious and fresh. We also loved the fries but I have to admit I lean more towards the thick cut fries … while Marcel Burger Bar serves skinny fries. But hand cut and crisped to perfection and we didn’t leave any behind. Guess that says something? 

best #burger in #Brussels #Marcel - review by @onfoodandwine

You’ll think Marcel Burger Bar is no different than many other burger restaurants popping all over Brussels. True. But the quality of the meat (from Metzger), the fact that the bread buns are homemade, fries as well, cheese from local producers does make a difference. Marcel Burger Bar stands out exactly because of this. The food is honest and tasty, without too many frills or trying to be something different from a … truly delicious burger. So yes, as soon as burgers cravings hits again … we will most definitely go back! 

Oh right. Who is Marcel? No other than the owners bulldog and the cute logo / mascot of the restaurant. Didn’t meet him though but I am sure he was around. 

If you don’t feel like going to Marcel Burger Bar … let the burger come to you …Enjoy delicious burger and 10e off your order with ‘onfoodandwine’.


Marcel Burger Bar – FB page 


I would like to extend our thanks to Marcel Burger Bar for inviting us to discover their food and dealing with our endless questions and cameras with grace. Disclaimer: as always, all opinions written are our own.

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