5 Best Moroccan Restaurants in Brussels

eating out at at La Khaima in #Brussels - #restaurant review by @onfoodandwine

I recently wrote an article for The Culture Trip on where to enjoy a Moroccan dinner in Brussels. I love Moroccan cuisine. Before coming to Belgium I never tried it so for me it was exotic, it was unusual, it was a taste of holiday. In the meantime I got a bit more blaze about it due to the abundance of North African food … but I still enjoy a good Moroccan dinner out. 

One such discovery was La Khaima. The place oozes mystery coming all the way from the fairytales of Arabian nights. The restaurant is imitating a berber tent so when entering you have the feeling you have left Brussels and woken up in 1001 Nights. Flat shoes and colourful lamps decorate the walls, and the restaurant smells divine. 

We were a group of 6 when we went so we tried a bit of everything. Cold and hot starters. Cous cous and tajines. I still remembers how the lamb, figs and almonds tajine tasted like. Deliciously sweet yet savoury at the same time. Dessert was equally simple but delicious – sliced oranges soaked in cinnamon and orange water. Surprisingly simple but a whole taste discovery in itself. 

If you want to discover the rest of my Moroccan restaurant recommendations in Brussels head over to The Culture Trip. Or leave your suggestions in the comment box below. Would love to hear where you eat out Moroccan food in Brussels. Hidden gems and well known restaurants alike.

La Khaima – website

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