Random Katch-Up

interesting links from @onfoodandwine

OK. Confession time. I spend a lot of time online. Which means I also come across a lot of interesting stuff (for me at least) which does not really relate to foodie Brussels. I do share quite a bit on my Facebook page. But as I hate keeping interesting stuff to myself I thought – why not? Let’s pick up the Random Katch-up series where I can share with you every month what caught my eye, made me laugh, made me cry or simply stunned me speechless. 

10 links I loved in January: 

  • because I do spend too much time glued to my mobile phone, useful mobile manners
  • if NY can do it … why not Brussels? when will we have phonebooth wifi hubs ?
  • don’t worry about the resolutions you can’t keep. here are 6 habits to ditch in 2016
  • le doggy bag … and yes I have no shame admitting I will ask for my French leftovers 
  • a history of the croissant. voila!  
  • adds gone viral in 2015 … I could spend hours watching these (in FR)
  • a food and drink quiz for a lazy afternoon 
  • tips on how to take better food photos on Instagram (in FR)
  • as it’s never too early to plan the next holiday, what about the best food markets in Florence
  • … or how to explore Rome on a Vespa? yes please! 

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