5 Sunny Terraces in Brussels

Has the summer started? Can I be that optimistic? Well … living in Brussels for so long I take any sun I can get. And rather than spend my day in front of my laptop I will head out to sip on a glass of rose on any (all?) these sunny Brussels terraces. See you there?

Chez Mauricette

#restaurant review of Chez Mauricette in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

Set in the European quarter Chez Mauricette is the perfect lunch/ brunch place to escape you office, soak in the sun and enjoy a delicious dessert. A stroll in the nearby park afterwards will balance out the quilt …

Pistolet Original

5 sunny terraces to enjoy lunch in #Brussels

Bright and sunny, and yummy sandwiches (pistolets) is all you need to make a Brussels sunny day even more glorious. With two Pistolet Original in Brussels you can chose to live the Sablon vibe or mingle with the Schuman eurocrats.


5 sunny terraces to enjoy lunch in #Brussels

One of my favourite Italian brunch places … and their cocktails are not too bad either. CiPiaCe gets so full when the sun is out that starting early is recommended. Oh and the best cappuccino in town, which I will enjoy after 11:00 o’clock too.


brunch with baby @ Prelude in Brussels - review by @onfoodandwine

I could spend my whole day at Prelude. Start with coffee, continue with lunch, have a slice of cake, end with a glass of rose. Their terrace is secluded, cozy and overlooking the beautiful Maison Communale in Saint Gilles. Good vibes all around.

Café de la Presse

5 sunny terraces to have lunch in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

I am not too picky about where I soak in the sun … the terrace of Café de la Presse might be urban for some, for me an ideal spot to do a little bit of people watching, to have a latte and a slice of cake and catch up on my friends gossip.

What are your favourite terraces in Brussels?


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