we try out #Brussels #beer bar Monk - review via @onfoodandwine

Very often – either via email or Facebook – readers asks us to recommend beer bars in Brussels. Is this because we occasionally post the beers we try on Instagram? Because we announce different beer news on Twitter? Because we had a beer blog? Who knows!

In any case, when in Brussels beer is a must. We already shared two beer bars on the blog a while ago, time to introduce the third one – Monk.

we try out #Brussels #beer bar Monk - review via @onfoodandwine

I love Monk. We have been going there … actually before we met. Monk was always a bit left field. Flemish primarily, it always kept a certain cool artsy air about it. Open till the late hours of the night, the beer was always flowing, music was good and the bar full.

Monk was recently refurbished after it closed down for a while due to financial problems. The new owners also own Henri (a restaurant we will review soon) so good things are on the horizon for Monk. And whilst I really like the new look, I do miss a bit the ‘old’ Monk. Nostalgic, me? Never 🙂

Have you been? Talking of beers I would love to hear what your favourite Belgian beer is.

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