Pho Pho

I already shared with you some of my favourite Asian restaurants for lunch. Here is another one to add to the list – Pho Pho. The restaurant (chain) was created around the traditional Vietnamese pho dish – a noodle soup where broth, vegetables and meat mingle to make great food.

Pho Pho is probably everything you look for in a lunch stop – quick, tasty and not heavy. I have visited both restaurants Pho Pho has in Brussels – by Place Rogier and Place Saint Boniface –  and they both resemble cantinas, where efficiency rules.

Pho Pho (62)-002

I guess the key in successfully serving so many customers at lunch lies in the simple formula Pho Pho is running – the menu is short and simple and assuming you are going for the pho, then the choice is even more straight forward: pho beef, pho chicken or pho vegetarian? And you are good to go.

Have you tried Pho Pho? I can not unfortunately compare it with the ‘true’ Vietnamese pho (as that is a country we still have to visit) but would be curious if those in the know have tried the Brussels take on pho and consider it authentic or not?

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