Gelateria Il Monello

Sometimes I pass by a place a 100 times before I actually go in. So it is no surprise I loved Gelateria Il Monello long before I actually went in and tried their ice creams (the name is a given, no?). 

I peaked in when passing by Mig’s (the wine store next door). I was tempted to try their ice cream on the go on my way back home. I envied those coming out from Gelateria Il Monello with an ice cream on a hot day. 

Gelateria Il Monella in #Brussels - review by @onfoodandwine

After this much lusting over Gelateria Il Monello, I finally decided last week to stop by and treat myself to an ice cream. 

And what a great place I discovered!

First the ice creams – served in true Italian fashion, not as a ‘boule’ but as a swipe on the cone. The flavours? Don’t get me started. I could commit murder for the chocolate orange. The fiori di latte is delicious. The sorbets are fresh and zingy from pure fruit to more spicy mixes. It was an absolute delight find a true Italian ice cream shop in Brussels serving tasty flavours. 

Gelateria Il Monella in #Brussels - review by @onfoodandwine

Secondly, the place is airy and spacious with … wait for it … a special children playing area. Yes, I know I am going all mother-of-active-toddler on you, but finding a nice cafe with a play area is something of a revelation. On top of this Gelateria Il Monello also serves food – some very nice looking foccacias and arancins were on sale which makes this cafe a double win. You could go for a children playdate lunch and … end with ice cream. 

Gelateria Il Monella in #Brussels - review by @onfoodandwine

Toddler happy. Mummy happy. What more could you ask for? Except another cone of ice cream. 

Thirdly, the place is run by two Italians who wanted to bring the true ice cream flavours to Brussels. Grazie 1000x! Not familiar with Italian ice cream? No worries, at Gelataria Il Monello you can taste before buying which only causes more ice cream cravings.

What more is there to say? I will probably pop by more often than not as it is after all on my metro-boulot-dodo* run. However, if you are not headed to Saint Gilles anytime soon, then you can taste the ice creams from Gelateria Il Monello at the upcoming Brussels Garden Festival this weekend.

Let’s hope it will be a warm ice cream happy weekend. Enjoy!

*although I use this expression, signifying the daily circle – commute/ work/ sleep/ repeat – a lot I never knew it was coined by a … Romanian. Live and learn! 

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