5 Foodie Italian Cities for Summer Holiday

We are dedicated foodies. So much so that even our travelling is influenced by food – what restaurants should we book? Where could we eat off the beaten track? What local delicacies do we have to try out? What local grapes make tasty local wine? And so on. 

A big source of inspiration for our travel planning are of course blogs. We then expand our search to include travel guides and tourism websites.  And of course in as much as we can rely on local friends … the better. 

One of our go to destinations in Europe is Italy. We have been many times to different places, either visiting friends or discovering new cities and regions on our own. Are we experts on Italian foodie cities? Hell no. I think every city in Italy is a foodie heaven. At least the ones we have visited so far have been.

From our visits here are 5 foodie Italian cities we can safely foodly recommend. 


5 best foodie cities in #Italy - #travel tips by @onfoodandwine

The order is purely alphabetical so there is no hidden reason to start with Bergamo. Bergamo was a 2 day stop on the way from … to. Which is why we decided to go all out and stayed in the most gorgeous hotel. And with the help of the hotel manager sought out the best restaurants for lunch and dinner. In between we sipped prosecco, drank wine, and tried polenta cakes. We would go back to Bergamo in a heartbeat! 

Restaurants we tried in Bergamo:


5 best foodie cities in #Italy - #travel tips by @onfoodandwine

Ah the south of Italy. Where no rules apply, and the life is rough(er) and sexy(er). Cagliari. We spent a whole holiday in Sardinia, and a full 4 days in Cagliari. Our days pretty much looked like this – beach, seafood by the beach, more beach, lazying around, head to town, aperitivo, more food. And you guessed it. We loved every minute we spent in this gorgeous city of Cagliari.


5 best foodie cities in #Italy - #travel tips by @onfoodandwine

Florence was my first introduction to Italy. Wonder why we keep going back?  Besides the hours spent walking through Florence, taking in its beauty, and the hours spent visiting all the main museums, we also spent hours enjoying the rich Tuscan cuisine and the wonderful regional wines. Florence was an awakening of the senses – artistic and culinary. We have not returned since but our next visit is not that far off.

Talking of Tuscan wines, we loved these 5 wine bars in Florence:


5 best foodie cities in #Italy - #travel tips by @onfoodandwine

There is something alluring about the south of Italy. A bit mysterious, a bit dangerous, not that touristic. We seem to keep going back. We spent a long (long) weekend in Palermo and loved it. We are actually considering going back this year … fingers crossed.  The food and the wine in Palermo were fan-tas-tic! We had the best, the weird and the ugly in Palermo and loved every bit of it. We also tried the one or the other restaurant with  Palazzo Trabucco standing out. If you get a chance to go to Palermo … do!


5 best foodie cities in #Italy - #travel tips by @onfoodandwine

Marche! The undiscovered side of Italy, just that bit fallen off the tourist radar. Although we have friends from Marche – who helped us plan our (foodie) holiday – we actually went there because of our adopted olive tree (Nudo). However in doing so we discovered the whole area and had the most wonderfully relaxing stay in Marche. Come to think of it, I think we need another Marche cure soon … agriturismo, no phones, no emails, no instagram.

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