Crêperie Ty Penty

Creperie Ty Penty - foodtruck in #Brussels - review by @onfoodandwine

We are big streetfood fans and Brussels has become somewhat of a foodtruck crazed city. An US import at large, foodtrucks are now an usual sight in Brussels. There are many that offer quick lunches around the different squares and parks of Brussels. There are others that set up around the different food markets.

The first foodtruck we tried out was Creperie Ty Penty. Strolling through our commune on a Monday afternoon we found this foodtruck on a sunny afternoon by the Maison Communale of Saint Gilles. In the land of waffles and beer it was great to discover their crêpes (pancakes) and cider all the way from Brittany.

Creperie Ty Penty - foodtruck in #Brussels - review by @onfoodandwine

The food is simple yet delicious. I am not an expert but I think most of their pancake batter is made of rye flour which gives the Ty Penty pancakes the most gorgeous golden hue. From savoury pancakes with cheese and nuts (yum!) to the deliciously sweet caramel beurre sale (salted butter) there is a pancake to satisfy all tastes. The bonus of eating at the Ty Penty foodtruck? Pancakes take minutes to make so you can get your food quickly, and eat it while still hot.

Bonus tip as the sun is shining in Brussels today: go try their crepes this afternoon on Parvis de Saint Gilles and then head over to Maison du Peuple for happy hour. Best. Cocktails. Ever. I tend to pass by their foodtruck on Thursday afternoons (on my metro-boulot-dodo run). Maybe see you there?

Creperie Ty Penty Foodtruck – FB page

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  • I love street food too and it has also taken off hugely here in Antwerp, with food trucks present at many events, or the trucks being an event in themselves (like Barrio Cantina). The food is generally really good and tasty, but I have found that on occasions it is quite highly priced for small portions. This is not too bad if you are looking for a tasty snack to go with a drink, but it is pricey if you go as a family with kids who have healthy appetites!

    • there is a foodtruck event in Brussels too 🙂 but would love to try out the Antwerp scene. fully agree – lots of mouths to fill gets expensive at foodtrucks. but from time to time a nice change. xo

  • I had the salted caramel pancake at his stand at Flagey one Saturday morning not so long ago…
    I still dream about it….

  • Great idea this new series!