Dynamo Bar de Soif

drinking Belgian #beer at new Dynamo Bar a Soif by @onfoodandwine

Besides the food … and the wine … we also enjoy a Belgian beer here and there. A while ago we decided to put a bit more effort into also sharing where we enjoy our taste of Belgium, so here is another beer bar we discovered and really liked – Dynamo, Bar de Soif!

Located in Saint Gilles (across from All Ready which I will tell you soon more about), the Dynamo Bar de Soif is small but very effective. You have probably seen our photos on instagram. Wood panelling throughout, a few tables, a huge beer board and some snacks to keep one going. We went in late April but in the meantime – when the weather is cooperating – they have also installed a little street terrace. Perfect to watch people going by while enjoying a Belgian beer.

drinking Belgian #beer at new Dynamo Bar a Soif by @onfoodandwine

The bar serves 18 (yes, 18) beers on tap so inevitably there is something for everyone. Bonus point as we are fast approaching the Euro 2016 start? They are also screening the football matches … so I assume all non-French readers will support my (Romanian) team 🙂


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