Random Katch-up

interesting links by @onfoodandwineThis monthly random katch-up does not really work, does it? We are already in June and I didn’t get the May list out. Although if you do follow us on Facebook or Twitter you will have seen many of the things that kept us entertained lately.

In no particular order, 10 links we loved in May:

  • you probably saw our instagram feed was full of London photos recently. If you are headed across the channel, here are top 50 museums and galleries to visit in London
  • do you use Spotify? then you will love Klarafy which translates your musical tastes into classical music. At least I do 🙂
  • holiday season is coming up fast. Going to Paris? Read our tips and use this handy map of where to find the best baguette in Paris
  • … and here is a list of the most instagrammable spots in Paris … just in case
  • also the French launch of 1000 exceptional tables caused quite a stir.
  • yes, I do spend too much time on social media. Yes, this video touched me.
  • assuming you like a Belgian beer from time to time. Then you will love these beer emoticons
  • not a fan of beer and more into cocktails? We enjoyed discovering the man behind Hortense, the it cocktail bar in Brussels
  • only in Belgium! Bruges builds a beer underground pipeline
  • finally, because it is approaching fast and we cannot ignore it  … Brexit explained

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