You probably know Chyl’s inside out by now, even if you haven’t been to the restaurant yet. It has become one of the most blogged about and instagrammed brunch favourites in Brussels.

And yes … we finally made it there as well. 

Now about Chyl’s. I probably loved this place 10 to 15 years ago. L-O-V-E-D it. The 30’ish plus me … well … the passion has faded a bit and we had a less heated relationship. Let me explain.

trying out the fashionable @_Chyl #brunch in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

20’ish old me: I love this place. I could have brunch at Chyl’s every day if I could afford it. Oh should we order drinks? Yes, let’s eat here too. Yes, we should definitely share one of their big brunch platters.

Oh, don’t you just love their ethnical inspired décor?

Did you see Taylor and Calvin are here too? Yes, I heard they broke up too. Weird.

And it is so bright. And the plants hanging from the ceiling? So inspired. Loving it here. Let’s come here every day, dressed in our skinny jeans and wearing our Stan Smiths.

trying out the fashionable @_Chyl #brunch in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

30’ish old me: Thank God we reserved. I didn’t expect it to be this busy. Glad we didn’t bring minus … there is no way he would sit at any of the tables. I don’t even think they have baby chairs. Do they?

Oh God, when did everyone get so young? And all are dressed the same – skinny jeans and Stan Smiths.

Anyway … what should we have? I would like to try their brunch formula. 20e juice and coffee included is not so bad, is it? OK we’ll order the Oriental and the Nordic brunch. 

Should we try one of their fresh juices too? Let’s see. 

A bit crammed don’t you think? Also, how do they water these plants?

trying out the fashionable @_Chyl #brunch in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

… in summary: no, I have not become a grumpy old woman. I hope 🙂 but Chyl’s is very much targeting a different crowd. 

Chyl’s is part of the new, delightful, pretty, boho trendy Brussels restaurant scene. Yes the food is tasty, yes the décor is nicely mixed, and yes the people are beautiful. But it does not offer anything extra that other – many! – Brussels brunch places don’t also offer. And whilst we really enjoyed our brunch, my practical (older) brain had space issues, service issues (not too quick or too pleasant), and to be honest a bit of price vs quality issues too.

I should add however that their bio shop is a great Brussels find! 

trying out the fashionable @_Chyl #brunch in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

Chyl’s – Rue de Belle Vue 62, 1000 Brussels 


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