Brasserie de l’Union

drinking Belgian #beer at Bar de l'Union in #brussels cc @visitBrussels

With the European Championship in full swing … and being married to a Brit … and being surrounded by multi national friends … it is impossible to escape the football craze around me. If you can’t beat them, join them! So much so that I entered 2 football draws: for one I am rooting for Poland, for the other I am keeping my fingers crossed for Ukraine. And in between I am trying to support Romania as well. 

But I digress … 

drinking Belgian #beer at Bar de l'Union in #brussels cc @visitBrussels

Beer. Beer and football go together perfectly. Here is another little beer bar which is worth a visit. I mentioned before that we support our local football tem. Well, they also have a beer bar named after them – the Brasserie de l’Union. 

Set on the Parvis de Saint Gilles, it is tends to be usually full of locals and tourists alike. Their beer choices are very decent, the food as well and usually there is enough chitter chatter to keep you going for a nice evening out. 

drinking Belgian #beer at Bar de l'Union in #brussels cc @visitBrussels

I must admit we rarely ate there (too close to many other restaurants we like) but the food does look very good. Our friends tried last time we were there some very Belgian dishes – Americain frites and the salade de chevre/ lardons (goats cheese with bacon, pictured) and both looked very good. On the weekend there are also jazz concerts which bring a nice twist to an otherwise fairly old fashioned – but very atmospheric – beer bar. 

If in the neighbourhood, for the history alone, stop by and have a beer. 

Brasserie de l’Union – FB page 


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