Take Eat Easy and #diningforbrussels


I would not want you to think that all we do is eat out at restaurants. Actually most of the time we don’t. We tend to cook and when we are really tired, late from work, back from a business trip … we order in. 

In the spirit of blog life, I therefore wanted to share with you a ‘real’ moment in our household. Ordering in with Take Eat Easy. I wrote about the shared dining economy in Brussels before. And yes, we have tried Take Eat Easy many times before … but I must admit, we never got around to taking photos of our delivery guy, order or food. Not that the picture above is of magazine publishing quality either. But at least I remembered to take a photo.  

We love Take Eat Easy. Our neighbours love Take Eat Easy (and through no connection to the blog!). The choice of restaurants reflects the type of restaurants we like to eat out anyway, just that we can do so from the comfort of our own couch (and due to a constant lack of babysitters).  And honestly, the bikers are the nicest people I have met. Granted they always apologize for being a bit late or that the food has leaked through the paper bag … but they do that in the nicest, kindest possible way. 

Have you tried Take Eat Easy already? If not here are some positives and some less so to consider: 

The + points:

  • great choice of restaurants. As we combined our dinner with football (yes, again!) we opted for several sharing platters so ordered from Al Jannah. De-li-cious! 
  • possibility to decide on time of delivery for the day (more or less) which is a great option if you order while still at work for dinner time. Honestly, who doesn’t like food to be ready when you get home? 
  • very easy payment method once you have signed up for an account. Choice of food made, a few clicks and you are done. 

The – points:

  • a bug in the system kept on losing my location information and order information (either that or I kept on making mistakes)
  • once you place an order several sms’es appear to confirm  your order, then to track you order, to follow the biker .. all nice, but a bit too much
  • delivery has never been under 45min so keep that in mind when ordering. Granted the recent Brussels weather was probably of not much help either.  

Why #diningforbrussels you ask? Because of recent events, a campaign was launched by the horeca industry to get Brussels and visitors back to eating out or eating in while ordering from restaurants. Not that recent events have stopped us … but yes, the Brussels tourism and horeca industry is suffering. Which is why if you love Brussels and love going out to eat (or indeed staying in to eat),  snap a photo, post it online and keep #diningforbrussels going. 

I would like to extend our thanks to Take Eat Easy for contacting us to participate in the #diningforbrussels campaign and contributing to our dinner. Disclaimer: as always, all opinions written are our own.

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