Little Tokyo

With so much football on TV these days we barely get to go out (like real people!), which means I have plenty of time to catch up with my girlfriends over lunch and brunch while husbands watch football over beers and pizza (babysitting at the same time). Win-win in our world 🙂

You can tell I don’t really go out much these days, when lunch time catching up has become a luxury…

trying out @littletokyo31 lunch in #Brussels - review by @onfoodandwineLast place I tried out was Little Tokyo, which comes as no surprise if you follow us on instagram as well. You might have heard or even been to this little fusion restaurant on Place Saint Boniface. The restaurant is located on the corner where one of the few proper Brussels photography shops used to be (which truth be told, I was very sorry to see go).

Adding to the hip and trendy spirit of Saint Boniface, alongside Hana and  Mano a Mano, Little Tokyo was a very pleasant lunch discovery. The decor is fresh with a few Asian design touches here and there which makes it a great people watching spot inside and outside when the sun shines.

trying out @littletokyo31 lunch in #Brussels - review by @onfoodandwine

I would love to tell you I have discovered the next best Asian restaurant. I didn’t really, but their food was decent and they do have a winning formula – a simple Asian menu, a few Belgian beers, a decent apero list, brunch on Sundays and very pleasant staff and location. 

My porc ramen was tasty although I must admit I did expect fried porc loin rather than fried porc bacon … but once I got over that, the food was nice and fairly OK priced for this area of Brussels. Granted, I had a nagging question in the back of my mind if this was a price vs quality approach? Hope not. You will think I am fussy but given I am a big Japanese food aficionado, when a ramen is not spot on … I can”t really say it was great. I ate it and enjoyed it but I will probably opt for one of their other ramens next time. 

trying out @littletokyo31 lunch in #Brussels - review by @onfoodandwine

Little Tokyo is open from Tuesday to Saturday during regular hours, and it offers a brunch every Sunday from 10:30 to 15:30. I haven’t tried it out but I can only assume it is an Asian twist on classic brunch dishes.  

Little Tokyo, 15 rue Saint Boniface, 1050 Brussels



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