Le Clan des Belges

Missed us? We missed you! It has been a while … and although we were busy on Instagram and FB, our foodie news on the blog were a bit slow over the summer. Well that is about to change! We redesigned the blog (like it?), and overall had a very blog-productive summer. Right! 

Now it is time to get back to our regular Brussels foodie news (have you signed up to our newsletter?) as we have a lot to share with you. Ready?  Here we go!  

The story so far

Funny enough the Le Clan des Belges is a brasserie we regularly go to, but never somehow posted about it on the blog. Till recently when a friend asked why Le Clan des Belges never made it to our brasseries lists? And honestly, we had no answer for that … 

review of #Brussels restaurant Le Clan des Belges by @onfoodandwine

First impressions 

Le Clan des Belges (literally the Belgian clique) is a very straight forward shabby chique meets cozy type of brasserie. Set in the middle of Ixelles, on Place St Boniface, the restaurant looks inviting and what you would expect from a Belgian brasserie – a bit dark, a bit woody, a bit busy. 

The food

Traditional Belgian food reigns. There are meatballs, there are mussels, there are shrimp croquettes and there is americain (raw meat). In all honestly? Every single dish we had at Le Clan des Belges over time has been tasty and heart warming. Don’t expect fancy, but food that warms the soul. We always have beers to start with (there is a great Belgian beer menu on offer) and then the house wine. Fuss-free dining which never disappoints. Perfect for mid-week or relaxed weekend. 

Service with a smile 

Well … honestly service could be improved at times. It depends a lot on who serves you – the ‘just-started-today’ trainee? Then service might be a bit slow and orders mixed up. But then we all had a first day at work. Busy lunch time service? Then be prepared to wait. But overall we never had a really bad experience so have put up with the occasional waiting and mixed up orders. The overall brasserie buzz and talking usually takes over so don’t really pay that much attention to the time …  

The verdict

Le Clan des Belges is a great local brasserie to go to if you happen to be around Ixelles. Food is honest, atmosphere is always buzzy, and if you feel like it, you can finish with a beer next door at L’Ultime Atome. Nothing to stop us from going back. Over and over again. Plus it’s also part of our top 10 Belgian brasseries in Brussels. 

Le Clan des Belges – Rue de la Paix 20, 1050 Brussels 


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