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Taking up our good Brussels habits, we recently had brunch at La Fabrique the original  so to speak, on the Place Chatelaine. I have been reading for a while about this brunch place and although I passed numerous times by never made it. Big mistake! The brunch buffet is amazing and the place is beautifully cozy. Very Orla Kiely’ish for those fan of her design (I own a lot of her kitchen pots …). 

You don’t often hear me gush about brunches. Yes, we do love going out for brunch but I must admit quite a few times I felt that cafes tend to offer the same combination, and I find that a few brunch places are also a bit overpriced. Not so at La Fabrique!

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The savoury and sweet dishes on offer were plentiful. Besides the more traditional cheese and cold meats platters, there were also warm savoury one-pot dishes (I am pretty sure I spotted a curry … which I didn’t try though) and healthy and fresh looking salads. There are also different sorts of breads on offer which I really enjoyed. And omelettes a la carte. I knew there and then that La Fabrique is a place I will keep going back to! 

The sweet buffet had everything from cookies to crumbles (OMG the cakes …), from cakes to jams. The only down side is that after having had so many tasty savoury dishes there was little room left for cake. But I did sneak in a thin (very thin) slice of carrot cake. De-li-cious! 

The staff are also extra careful to keep adding food and refilling the dishes when needed. Which only adds to the great atmosphere and beauty of this restaurant. When we went it was full so I would suggest reservations are a must – there are communal big family tables as well as more cozy, tete a tete ones. And bonus point? La Fabrique also seems to be very child friendly as I spotted both plenty of high chairs as well as a box of toys. 

Adults brunch no drinks is 25e. Children brunch no drinks is 12e. 

La Fabrique – Rue Americaine 122, 1050 Brussels

La Fabrique - by @onfoodandwine (1)

La Fabrique - by @onfoodandwine (6)

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La Fabrique - by @onfoodandwine (4)


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