Sale, Pepe, Rosmarino

#restaurant review of Sale Pepe Rosmarino in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

Time for another restaurant review, don’t you think? We have so many to catch up on … and now that days are getting shorter, evenings longer, it was the perfect time to try out a cozy and local Italian restaurant. If you still looking for a weekend foodie address, enter Sale, Pepe, Rosmarino. 

The story so far 

Sale, Pepe, Rosmarino is a little restaurant in Saint Gilles, going strong for as many years as I can remember … Since we moved to Saint Gilles, we have been passing by this place at least once a day, and seeing it absolutely packed in the evenings, only added to our curiosity to try it out. 

First impressions 

Nothing special about the restaurant, on the contrary its pistachio green room and unassuming decor might event put you off. The wooden tables and chairs add to the very simple decor, and black and white drawings made by a regular over a period of 15 years cover the restaurant walls. Fancy and trendy it is not. 

#restaurant review of Sale Pepe Rosmarino in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

The food 

But the food. Oh the food.

The delicious Roman menu is behind the reason why the restaurant is full every. single. day. A true immersion into Italian cuisine, there are the classic Italian dishes, the more unusual Italian dishes and the famous Italian desserts. Every dish we had was beautiful and delicious. Nothing fancy, nothing too sophisticated but honest flavors, reminding us of long Italian evenings.

The wine list (‘displayed’ at the back of the restaurant) is also worth a look as there are several Italian wines not usually found in Brussels. 

#restaurant review of Sale Pepe Rosmarino in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

Service with a smile 

Yes, because most of the staff is Italian. A bit erratic? Yes, because all the staff is Italian. We had to wait quite a bit for our (reserved) table and when we finally sat down, got the menu and wanted to know more, the conversation was a bit holiday’ish because our waitress only spoke … you guessed it … Italian. All in all though, the service was very attentive and pleasant.  

The verdict 

Sale, Pepe, Rosmarino is a beautifully simple neighborhood restaurant, serving great food at moderate prices. Exactly the type of Italian restaurant you want to call your local. However, their secret seems to be out as the restaurant is full both at lunch and dinner. Reservations are recommended but you will not regret it.

Sale, Pepe, Rosmarino (and no, they don’t have a website …) 


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