Comics Art Museum in Brussels

The thing with resolutions … they tend to be more often than not broken. Take this blog for example. In our first newsletter of the year we promised you 5 (yes, 5!) blog posts in January. Now we have about half of the month to go and so far nothing. Nada. Nix.

Which means we either need to hurry up and get those creative juices flowing. Or … worst case scenario some blog posts will be left for February. 

January is all about getting back into the metro-boulot-dodo routine. After holidays across Europe, literally from West to East and back, we are slowly adjusting back to our expat life in Brussels. New year, new resolutions. One of those is to get back into ‘culture’. Since the birth of our son we more or less gave up on cultural outings favouring culinary ones. 

Which is why this year we want to (re)discover – as a family – the museums of BrusselsFirst one up the Belgian Comics Art Museum.

Not surprising, in a country which counts more than 700 comic strip authors. The museum hosts both temporary and permanent exhibitions and is home to heroes such as Tintin, the Smurfs, Blake and Mortimer, or Lucky Luke. A true revelation for those, like me, who love comic art. And a fascinating adventure, for those like my son, who are starting to discover the animated world. I must admit, as he grows older I am very tempted by their initiation courses for children. 

For those less comic art inclined but interested in the architecture of Brussels, the museum is another Victor Horta Art Nouveau masterpiece, from the early 1900s. Located right in the heart of Brussels, it is close to the Grand Place and in foodie terms, to the Comptoir des Galleries. A perfect day out! 

Comics Art Museum in Brussels, Rue de Sables 20, 1000 Brussels 

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