Les Petits Bouchons

Did you miss us? We have been a bit quiet here, but we are back with another restaurant review. This time we head to Uccle, the southern commune of Brussels, where we enjoy a delicious dinner in Les Petits Bouchons (literal translation – the small corks). What’s in a name?

The story so far: Les Petits Bouchons draws its name from restaurants typical to Lyon, where you can enjoy local, traditional no-fuss cuisine. Started in the 17th C by silk workers passing through Lyon, the traditional bouchons’ are rustic restaurants, with checked red and white table clothes, long communal tables, encouraging diners to sit together and share their life stories over a glass of wine. And it is exactly this atmosphere that Les Petits Bouchons is trying to recreate in Brussels.

First impressions: The restaurant is small and cosy, with a large bar on the left. I am pretty sure when we visited, Gwendoline, the owner was sitting by the bar overlooking the restaurant. Half full, the conversation was flowing and we felt right at home.

#restaurant review - dinner at Le 32 Bouchons in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

#restaurant review - dinner at Le 32 Bouchons in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

The food: Typically for a traditional French restaurant the food is … well … French! With just the right addition of Belgian dishes. We opted for different menus, which included pickled mackerel, shrimp salad, andouillette (that connoisseurs sausage from Lyon I can.not.stand! but others love) and Americain frites. The food was great. The wine was great. Nothing more, nothing less than honest good food at decent prices.

Service with a smile: Very much so. Prompt and friendly, a joke here and there, a suggestions or tow, a glad of wine on the house at the end.

The verdict: Very much the type of restaurant you would like to call your local. If it would not be all the way in Uccle on the left, I am sure we would head there a lot more often.

Les Petits Bouchons, Chausse d’Alsemberg 832, 1180 Brussels

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