Top 10 St. Valentine’s Day Menus in Brussels

Wondering where to eat out in Brussels on St. Valentine’s? Well we have you covered. Our top 10 St. Valentine’s menus at Brussels restaurants we love. However, if you prefer the traditional box of chocolates for your Valentine, then check out our last year’s blog post

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The Meat Lover 

Why: We love this restaurant and have never been disappointed. Le Tournant, is a cozy restaurant on Chausse de Wavre which revisits meat in all its forms (and you know how much we love our meat). Denis Delcampe serves great bistro style cuisine, that is honest and tasty. The wine menu is also worth a look. 

What: For St. Valentine’s, Le Tournant is offering a 4 course menu at 39e – take the wines that match the food and you add 21e for 4 glasses or 26e for 5 glasses. On the menu there is bone marrow, grilled mackerel, and the butchers cut of porc. For dessert? A choice of several to end on a sugar high. 

Where: Le Tournant, Ch. de Wavre 168, 1050 Brussels. Reservation required.

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The Sophisticated Lover 

Why: The Brugmann is all about show-off grandeur. It’s fabulous! The setting, the decor, the Grand Salon, the cellar … A gorgeous place to impress or be impressed. And I hear their cocktails are fantastic. Yes, it is very much on our list to visit too. 

What: For St. Valentine’s, Brugmann offers a 75e menu (without wine/ drinks) including a glass of champagne with appetizers, a choice between crayfish tartare or foie gras for starter, either butter roasted John Dory (we love this fish, yet so difficult to find in Belgium!) or duck, a pre-dessert (told you it’s sophisticated!) and dessert again accompanied with champagne. 

Where: Brugmann Ave. Brugmann 52/54, 1190 Brussels. Reservation required.

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The Belgian Lover 

Why: The cuisine here is classic Belgian, and done good, Belgian food can hold its own when it comes to romance. Aux Vieux Bruxelles is a truly local Brussels restaurant and we loved every visit there (their mussels are to die for!). And we do live in Belgium after all.  

What: Aux Vieux Bruxelles offers a St Valentine’s 3 course menu at 39e and a 4 course menu at 49e. The choices are between duck salad (magret) or scallops carpaccio, mussels following the house recipe (yes!) or lobster ravioli or scallops croquettes. For main there is either cod or steak or guinea fowl. The dessert offers a Belgian choice – moelleux au chocolat (maison!) – or the more English (me thinks) lemon merengue pie. Convinced? 

Where: Aux Vieux Bruxelles, Rue Saint Boniface 35, 1050 Brussels. Reservation required. 

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The Romantic Lover 

Why: If you are up for a little staycation, eating out at Icones restaurant and then spending the night in the Martins Hotel makes perfect sense on St. Valentine’s. Or any other day. No drink and drive, no having to catch the last metro home…plus you get to also enjoy the lavish breakfast the day after. 

What: Icones 4 course menu at 79e includes drinks and you can try a tarte tatin with goats cheese, guinea fowl with beetroot, corvina fish (I think) with poached egg and, because it is St. Valentine’s, a Cupid dome dessert which promises to be both romantic and lavish. 

Where: Icones, Boulevard Charlemagne 80, 1000 Brussels. Reservation needed. 

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The Uccle Lover 

Why: Technically in Ixelles, Amen is very much the go to restaurant for the bo-ho chique Uccle crowd. We loved discovering this very monastic restaurant and I still have fond memories of our champagne filled lunch there.  

What: The Amen St. Valentine’s menu at 74e is all about mixed amuse bouche, scallops carpaccio with caviar, lobster ravioli, poultry with morels, all finished off with a decadent chocolate dessert. No drinks included. 

Where: Amen, Rue Franz Merjay 165, 1050 Brussels. Reservation needed. 

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The Cosmopolitan Lover

Why: If you think Greek taverna food, think again. Notos is sophisticated Greek food, cooked with love by Constantin Erinkoglou. We enjoyed immensly our visit here and I must admit I am a tiny bit sad we didn’t reserve our own St. Valentine’s at Notos. 

What: The aptly named Eros & Notos menu at 70e comes with an aromatic white wine and herby cheese starter, mussels and shell fish with cumin, grilled lobster, veal with forgotten vegetables, and poached pear with spices. For 25e matching wines are served with the meal.  

Where: Notos, Rue de Livourne 154, 1000 Brussels. Reservation required. 

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The Traditional Lover 

Why: Some like tradition and a star or two. And there is nothing wrong with that. We enjoy discovering high end restaurants (more and more), and if you are to splurge, than you might just as well do it on St. Valentine’s. Enter La Villa Lorraine, a bastion of high end cuisine in Brussels. 

What: La Villa Lorraine offers 2 special St. Valentine’s options – the brasserie style menu at 155e, the other at villa style at 265e. Both include champagne, scallops, one offers foie gras, the other lobster and foie gras, meat, and dessert. Having tasted the food at La Villa Lorraine I am sure whichever you will go for will be perfect!  

Where: La Villa Lorraine, Ave du Vivier d’Oie 75, 1000 Brussels. Reservation is a must. 

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The Secret Lover 

Why: There is nothing more … 50 shades … than a private, secret club. There has been so much secrecy around this address, that even I am intrigued (and I don’t get easily intrigued). So why not give Louise 345 a try? No better day than St. Valentine’s to go a bit rogue. Plus if you do go to Louise 345, can you please share your experience with us as well … so we give it a try too. 

What: The menu starts with an Aphrofite’s gourmet taster platters serving everything from beef carpaccio, cheese, prawns, to foie gras … Followed by surf and turf based starters (heads up for the wasabi mayo!). The main is cutely named The Lady & The Tramp, serving what I can only assume is sexy pasta. Followed by poached pear with a bit of bourbon ice cream. Two glasses of Dom Perignon and 12gr of Petrossian caviar are also included, as is water, coffee and a choice of wines. The price? The Louise 345 St. Valentine’s menu is 260e

Where: Louise 345, on Ave Louise 345, 1000 Brussels. Reservation is a must. 

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The Modern Lover 

Why: Forget classic St. Valentine’s menus. You want to go out and celebrate your love another every day. Classic dining out of the window, enter the modern minimalist world of SAN. Which, by the way, is closed this 14th February because the SAN team is looking for love outside the kitchen (too)

What: It’s all about modern cuisine, an explosion of flavours served in bowls, eaten with spoons. SAN offers at the moment a 55e dinner menu of ceviche, eel with black sesame, Korean pear and foie gras, seasonal vegetables, veal sweatbreads paired with pear and Comté cheese, and a fig based dessert. 

 Where: SAN, Rue de Flandre 19, 1000 Brussels. Reservation required.
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The ‘Don’t do St. Valentine’s’ Lover

Why: You have been there, done that, but … still in the hearts of hearts you continue to celebrate St. Valentine’s like you only met yesterday. Only your way. Indoors. Over bubbles. And takeaway. Watching Netflix

What: Deliveroo! 

Where: Deliveroo app using ‘onfoodandwine’ to get 5e off your order. 


Disclaimer – all the photos are from the restaurant websites, except La Villa Lorraine which is mine.


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10 #Brussels restaurants for St-Valentine's by @onfoodandwine

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