What to buy for Easter in Brussels?

Chocolate would be the natural answer. I am right there with you. But this year I decided it might be interesting to mix it up a bit for Easter. Here are 6 Easter chocolate (and more) creations to go bunny for in Brussels in 2017: 

Chocolate with an arty twist 

Who? Benoit Nihant and Patrick Roger

Why? Both reinvent the traditional egg, chicken, bunny and created innovative and gorgeous looking Easter gifts. Benoit Nihant’s cute looking little bird houses look almost too good to eat. While Patrick Roger went all out and places chicken and bunnies on tops of chocolate tablets.  Frankly speaking – art! 

Where? Benoit Nihant shop in Ixelles and Patrick Roger shop in Sablon.

Chocolate with an Asian twist

Who? Pierre Macolini and Cosijns Chocolatier 

Why? Both decided that Easter 2017 should be a little bit Asian. Pierre Marcolini gives us Japanese dolls which magically transform themselves into Easter eggs. Cosijns Chocolatier keep the Asian theme going offering Easter eggs in sushi and bento look-alike chocolate boxes. 

Where? Pierre Marcolini shops across Brussels and Cosijns Chocolatier in different shops across Brussels, of which also in one of my favourite Belgian goods shop – Le Comptoir Belge

Chocolate with a surprising twist 

Who? Maison Dandoy and Picard

Why? Because … it isn’t technically chocolate. But I could not resist the Easter speculoos eggs from Dandoy, or the half and half speculoos and chocolate eggs co-created with Laurent Gerbaud. Nor could I resist the cutest ice cream chocolate bunny from Picard. Talk about a centre piece for dessert!

Where? Maison Dandoy across Brussels, the one on Place Stephanie being my favourite and Picard across Brussels. 

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