Oups! It’s been a while … not because we planned it. After all we promised an energetic approach to April. But then real life got in between. Work travels. Easter with family. Sunny (but very cold!) days out. Overactive toddler. Overtired mum & dad. 

enjoying #coffee and cake at #Hinterland in #Brussels by @onfooandwine

Here we are though with a short – but sweet – review of another local cafe, we love: Hinterland! As by their own description, Hinterland is ‘an independent coffee bar serving healthy all-day breakfast, brunch & lunch, home made daily using organic and locally sourced ingredients.’ So far so generic and similar to a lot (and I mean a lot!) of other cafes on the Brussels scene.

enjoying #coffee and cake at #Hinterland in #Brussels by @onfooandwine

However what stands out for Hinterland is this: the cafe has a very natural and low key vibe about it, so the whole ‘organic’ and ‘local’ actually fits. It is also one of the only decent cafes on Chaussee de Charleroi (discounting the ah-ma-zing Forcado across the street!). And the Hinterland cakes are to. die. for! (According to their FB page I don’t seem to be the only one thinking that.) Their coffee is not too bad either.

I must admit we never tired their brunch or lunch … Brunch I am intrigued about. Lunch looked again a bit generic in the healthy-organic-salad-in-a-jar type. What I do appreciate though is that the few times (and there have been a few) I stopped at Hinterland it was always full – families (although not toddler friendly!), students, couples, friends of all ages catching up. As I said great low key relaxed atmosphere on the corner of Saint Gilles. 

Hinterland, Chaussee de Charleroi 179, 1060 Brussels 

enjoying #coffee and cake at #Hinterland in #Brussels by @onfooandwine

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