A Family Day out at the Botanical Gardens of Meise


We promised you a tour of the Botanical Gardens of Meise already in our April newsletter. Time flew by, and here we are and it’s half way through May. Better late than never, we are taking you on a family day out to the Botanical Gardens of Meise

We first discovered this beautiful oasis of calm through a (mothers) discussion group on FB. Wondering what to do with our overactive toddler (and garden loving grandparents) on a beautiful sunny spring day, we asked around and the Botanical Gardens of Meise popped up. So close to Brussels, it’s surprising we never visited before. But then again this is valid for many toddler-friendly places we are only just discovering. 

The Botanical Gardens of Meise are located about 3km away from the Atomium. 18,000 species of plants grown in 13 interconnected glasshouses, make the Palace of Plants one of the largest greenhouses  in the world. theer are extra 22 other greenhouses for research purposes and 20 for private functions. We spent some time walking along the different paths in the greenhouses but most of the time was spent outdoors.

The grounds around the Bouchout Castle (1130) are beautiful to walk around in spring time and after all the effort … a stop at the Orangerie is most welcome. A modest selection of warm and cold food, and a few unusual Belgian beers make this a welcome stop. The cafe as well as the sunny terrace are a feast for the eyes (read = instagrammable!). Extra tip? The Orangerie can also serve high tea (upon reservation) which is great news given that Steigenberger Wiltcher’s stopped serving it. 

Botanical Gardens of Meise – Nieuwelaan 38, 1860 Meise

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