Cafe Belga

Where do you suggest we go for beers in Brussels? This is one of the most frequently asked question we get. Well, given we are headed for sunny(er) days no other place comes to mind than Cafe Belga. 

trying out beers at Brussels institution - Cafe Belga

Cafe Belga is entirely part of my life. Literally. I lived for a very long time almost across from it, so not a day would pass by without a stop at Cafe Belga. Breakfast. Brunch. Apero. Late Nights. 

Cafe Belga has been my go-to place from my university days onwards. I can honestly say I have seen Cafe Belga from it’s very first day (and what a joy it was to finally see a hip and trendy cafe being set up!) to today. Does this make me old?  

trying out beers at Brussels institution - Cafe Belga

Located in the first Belgian radio house, a gorgeous 1930s Art Deco building, Cafe Belga takes almost the entire ground floor up. Facing the Place Flagey and the Ixelles ponds is a terrace which is perfect in the summer when it doesn’t rain. Although finding a seat can sometimes be tricky. In addition to a great beer menu, Cafe Belga also serves quick lunches (think sandwiches, salads), a weekend brunch, great cocktails and … the odd concert.

Drinks at Cafe Belga and lunch at next doors L’Architect sounds like a perfect weekend plan to me. If you are looking for other beer bars in Brussels then check out our selection or drop us a line

Cafe Belga – impossible to miss, but just in case here are the directions to it. 

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