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seafood restaurant in #Brussels - Crab Club - review by @onfoodandwine

Crab Club! The restaurant review we have been promising you for months. Finally. The most talked about seafood restaurant in Brussels makes it to the blog. Crab Club! 

The story so far 

OK, maybe I am exaggerating a bit … But ever since Brussels entrepreneurial mastermind Frederic Nicolay announced he would be opening a seafood / fish only restaurant in Saint Gilles – with Philippe Emanuelli and Yoth Ondara running it – the Brussels foodie scene has been buzzing. We literally saw the place being built up. And whilst initially rumour was it will be a bakery, I cannot tell you how happy we were when ‘seafood / fish only’ became reality.  

First impressions 

A minimalist industrial decor gives an impression of coldness. However pairing that rough brick and steel look with brocante style, mismatched plates gives the restaurant a soft touch. And given that Crab Club is full every. single. night. there is nothing cold about it. On the contrary, I heard some diners complaining it is too crammed in. I must admit it didn’t bother us – we loved the buzz of this restaurant from day 1. But then again our foodie expectations of Crab Club were also sky high. 

The food 

Well … I am not sure where to start. Maybe diving right in with Le Vif voting Crab Club as the best restaurant in 2015 (on the same note … can you imagine it took us a full 2 years to eat here, although we practically live in the backyard of Crab Club?!) .

Not basing ourselves too much on previous or ongoing reviews we went to the Crab Club open minded. Hoping we will be in for a fish feast. Oh boy! 

The menu changes accordingly: daily catch and seasons, so given we first tried this restaurant in January we didn’t get the most extensive fish choice. Which means we practically tried everything on the menu. We started with oysters, which we loved. We then ordered the only 2 seafood/ fish options on the menu – crab and turbot. Both were cooked to perfection. Delicious. Messy.

We also followed the wine recommendations we got … and although maybe (just maybe) we had a bit too much wine … the food and wine pairing was perfect. Plus instagramming tipsy is always fun. 

Service with a smile 

Yes. Trendy, young, almost like being out with friends. In all honesty we were surprised at how pleasant our waitress was, given that the restaurant was absolutely packed. And the restaurant is not exactly over-staffed. Maybe we were just a fun table to serve 😉

The verdict 

Do I need to spell it out? Ah-Ma-Zing. We loved every aspect of Crab Club. The decor. The simplicity. The food. The wine list (no surprise there, as we love both the Cafes des Spores and the Wine Bar des Marolles, where Philippe Emanuelli and Yoth Ondara respectively have been before).

Now we live in anticipation of going back to try different seafood/ fish in a different season. I should also add that ah-mazingness does not come cheap (about 150e for 2, drinks included). Fish restaurants in general are expensive in Brussels … and Crab Club is no exceptions. Was it worth it? You bet! 

Crab Club – Ch de Waterloo 7, 1060 Brussels

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