ChezWaWa  is our latest discovery on the Brussels brunch scene. Fresh and tasty cali-mex style food, super laid back and easy going, ChezWaWa is perfect for a family weekend brunch. 

We frequently get asked by our North American readers where they can find ‘authentic’ American food. Which is a bit confusing as

  1. I am not North American and
  2. surely there is no such thing as ‘American’ food.

CHEZWaWa Brunch in Brussels by @onfoodandwine

ChezWaWa though comes very close to bringing San Francisco taqueria flavours to Brussels. The brainchild of Palmer Colamarino, himself from San Francisco, ChezWaWa serves the famous Mission Burrito – foiled wrapped generous burritos, filled with Mexican goodness, made to order at the counter, served quickly . Kind of street food in a restaurant, you might think.  Yet everyone who is from or has been to SF I bet says ‘finally!’.  

We simply had to give burritos a try so for our brunch we obviously went for both types – meat and vegetarian. Both delicious. And yes, ‘authentic’. Once started, we decided we might just as well try the chips and guacamole home made dip. It was great to see that Palmer stays true to SF taquerias, and doesn’t serve the usual mass produced nachos so many restaurants do.

CHEZWaWa Brunch in Brussels by @onfoodandwine

We continued our ChezWaWa brunch,  sampling the food from the buffet – corn bread (yum!), chicken enchiladas, mushroom bacon and spinach quesadillas (oh my!) – and then … took a break. The food was very much approved by our toddler as well and given that the restaurant overall is pretty laid back (plus big bonus from a parent perspective as it also offering a BIG box of books/ toys to keep the underage occupied …) we took a moment to take ChezWaWa all in. All while sipping mimosas, naturelement. Us, not the toddler! 

The restaurant is bright and airy and zings – for lack of better description of the bold colors used throughout – plus has a cozy terrace in the back. Perfect to hide in the shade from the summer days ahead. Palmer is super friendly and everyone coming in was greeted and treated like a friend. Very North American. Which I know us Europeans go all squirmy about … but honestly, it feels so good to be paid attention to. I noticed some regulars (expats) as well as some walk-ins (locals), so the restaurant was pleasantly full. 

To end – yes, our brunch did last a good couple of hours – we also tried both ChezWaWa desserts. While the French toast wasn’t really my thing, the hazelnut-chocolate banana chimichangas were to die for. So much so I had to fight my toddler for the last piece! Guess who won?

Besides the weekend brunch, ChezWaWa hosts a taco Tuesday, Chihuahua Wednesday, margarita Thursday (next on our list) … so really there is nothing stopping us from spending a full week eating at ChezWaWa 😉   

ChezWaWa – 91 Rue Americaine, 1050 Brussels 

I would like to extend our thanks to ChezWaWa for organising this amazing brunch and to Palmer and the restaurant staff for hosting us and dealing with our endless questions and cameras with grace. Most of  the photos are from the ChezWaWa website as managing a toddler and a camera proved to be too much for my skills.  

Disclaimer: as always, all opinions written are our own.


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