Moeder Lambic

beer bars in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine

beer bars in #Brussels by @onfoodandwine


I did say I wasn’t sure if there will be more beer bar reviews on the blog. Then again it does seem that you really enjoy discovering Brussels beer bars so how could I not share with you this month, when we are celebrating all things Belgian, this Brussels institution – Moeder Lambic

For the purists, the original and only, true Moeder Lambic is the one in Saint Gilles, hidden behind the Maison Communale. But for those looking for a more modern take on a the Belgian beer bar, then the Moeder Lambic Fontainas will surely hit the spot. I personally like both. One is located close to where we live (too close!) the other is always a welcome beer stop.

Moder Lambic

Both bars serve a great selection of beers on the tap and we always discover a new beer when we go. Although I rarely get to blog about them these days …  Besides the beers , and trust me there are a LOT of beers, their bar snacks are also to die for. I could live on those bar snacks alone. Cheese platters, meat platters, paté platters – snacky heaven. And somehow they go so well together with the Belgian beer on offer.

When going one word of advise: be bold and experimental, ask the bartender for his / her favorite and let yourself slide into beer heaven. And by no means ever ask for one of the ‘common’ (mass produced) beers. I did that once – big mistake!  

Moeder Lambic – 8 Place Fontaines, 1000 Brussels 

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