10 Belgian Foods You Should Try in Brussels

In July all of Belgium starts getting ready for the National Day (21 July). In honour of that – and given that our blog is mostly about Brussels foodie tips – we thought it would be fun to share with you 10 Belgian foods you need to try in Brussels. And obviously, where to try them. 

After a sneak peek in our July newsletter, here are our top 10 Belgian foods to try in Brussels. Don’t worry, the obvious frites & chocolate are not in the list.

Starters – Croquettes & Pistolets 

Whenever we get the chance we’ll make sure to order croquettes as starters – ideally the grey shrimp ones, but the cheese ones are just as tasty. Or mix and have one of each. Where? Try them in any authentic Belgian brasserie

Pistolets are typical Brussels mini breads, with a hard crust and soft inside. Filled with a variety of combinations they make a great snack or starter. Where? Start at the one and only Pistolet Orginal

Fish – Mussels & Sole  

A visit to Brussels would not be complete without trying out a 1kg pot of mussels. We like ours with the classic white wine mariniere sauce. Where? We make great mussels at home … but failing to be at our table, we usually recommend a good fish restaurant.

A classic fish dish on the menu of many restaurants is sole meuniere. Pan fried in butter, served with deep fried parsley and boiled potatoes. A classic which needs no revisiting. Where? We loved our sole meuniere at Francois

Meat – Americain & Steak 

Americain is a raw minced beef meat mixed with raw egg (yep!), onions, capers and depending on taste Tabasco. Not for the faint hearted but delicious. Where? The best we had so far was at La Manufacture (restaurant review will be up soon). 

Belgium is a meat lovers heaven. Steak & frites are on every restaurant’s menu and usually they are cooked to order and near perfection, meaning medium to rare. Where? At any of these 10 steak & frites restaurants in Brussels. 

Dessert – Speculoos & Waffles 

I fell in love with speculoos upon my arrival in Belgium, and our love affair is still going strong. A delicious spicy gingerbread tasting biscuit you need to try. Where? At the spiritual home of speculoos, Maison Dandoy.

You cannot avoid having a waffle in Brussels. Our tip? Stick to the ones served hot off the mold out of vans by the side of the street. Where? Anywhere you see a waffle van. Because you know what they say, calories on holidays don’t count. 

Drink – Beer & Gin 

Technically, not food. But impossible to keep beer out of the top 10 Belgian foods to try. There is a beer for everyone. And even the non beer lovers get converted. Where? Our favorite beer bars are a good start. 

Gin has become kind of a thing in Belgium, and a lot of local Belgian gins are being distilled. They make for a great cocktail to enjoy over summer. Where? Why not start by mixing your own Belgian gin

Hungry for more? Read here about other Belgian specialties.


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