Where to drink Belgian beers on tap in Brussels?

The question is actually very easy to answer – at any Belgian beer bar. So let’s make it interesting. Where can you taste 44 Belgian beers on tap? 


review of new #beer concept in Brussels - Taste This.Beer - by @onfoodandwine

Taste This.Beer is till now the only concept we know of in Brussels where you can – simply put – taste 44 different Belgian beers on tap. The concept explained in 5 steps:

  1. get over the fact the owner is … kinda of rude. I don’t know if this is due to his Dutch’ness, his mood or something else but you are either lucky (like us!) and he is in a great mood, explaining everything in detail, being all super helpful … or seriously off-putting rude (which we also witnessed). If the rudeness continues not sure how long Taste This.Beer will last in Brussels. However if they polish off that just a little bit and are more welcoming to the 95% tourists coming their way, Taste This.Beer will ab-so-lu-tely rock!
  2. decide how many beers you want to taste up front – being tipsy vs being drunk :). Your choice. 
  3. buy a tasting card accordingly – we opted for the 20e one thinking we’ll actually want to have the glass half full as well … 
  4. take a stroll through the tasting area and check out all the Belgian beers on offer – you will know some from different Brussels bars, you will discover others. We first decided which beers not to taste, because we knew them well and then got started. 44 Belgian beers countdown.  
  5. get tasting. The owner advised us to start with a quick pour, taste the beer, see if we like it and only then (re)fill. We did just that and had a great time (re)discovering some fantastic Belgian beers.

Too complicated? We also did a little video (yey for us!) so you can see for yourself how Taste This.Beer works. Let us know if you tried this Brussels concept or if you plan to. We might bump into each other there … we still have credit left on our tasting card so another visit is in order soon.  


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