La Manufacture

What do a printing house, a storage cellar for Delvaux and a restaurant have in common? They are all part of the history and present of La Manufacture, our latest restaurant crush. 

The story so far 

La Manufacture used to be a printing house, then became a storage space for the Belgian leather goods manufacturer Delvaux, until its rebirth into today’s restaurant. You can imagine with such a history behind, La Manufacture was very much on our list of restaurants to try out!

First impressions

The restaurant is imposing. A huge space which has been refurbished to perfection: steel beams and wooden furniture dominate, with leather and blue stone through in between. It’s a modern restaurant without feeling clinical. Very much our style of restaurant although I must admit it, it also felt a bit ’empty’ although many tables were taken. It’s just that La Manufacture covers a lot of space (400 sq.m to be exact!), which in return makes it a perfect restaurant in Brussels for big groups.

The food 

OMG! First of all full disclosure – we already visited La Manufacture a few years ago with our Resto Pass (which incidentally, is a formula we highly recommend!) and liked it. This time around we l-o-v-e-d the food. A certain spin on tradition with a great dose of finetuning is taking place in the La Manufacture kitchen and we wowed over every single one of our dishes.

We started with a foie gras terrine and a mix of mussels and grey shrimp croquettes. The first time every we had mussels croquettes and I must say they were delicious. Surprising that in the country of mussels & fries, we didn’t come across this dish before (shhh … seems that so far only La Manufacture serves it). Our mains were equally tasty. I cannot resist an Americain (raw meat) and fries on the menu, and the one at La Manufacture is probably the best I had so far in Brussels Belgium. My husband ordered the veal with a mix a fries which was equally tender and well balanced. On a roll, we followed the maitre d’ recommendation and paired our dishes with a great bottle of 2015 Llama old vine Malbec from Argentina (give me a full bodied red and I will love you forever!). 

Bear with us a little longer as our dinner didn’t finish here.

There was still the desert menu we had to go through. Tempted as I was have the cheese platter, I opted for the chocolate fondant with Isigny ice cream. This dish was love and hate at the same time. The chocolate was gooey and rich and wonderful. The salty ice cream was like licking a salt rock. It so didn’t work for me. Maybe I wasn’t prepared for the saltness of the ice cream or just maybe it was all way too salty. My husband though had the inescapable dame blanche which he declared the best of his life. 0-1.

dinner at the fantastic #Brussels restaurant La Manufacture - review by @onfoodandwine

 dinner at the fantastic #Brussels restaurant La Manufacture - review by @onfoodandwine

dinner at the fantastic #Brussels restaurant La Manufacture - review by @onfoodandwine

Service with a smile 

The maitre d’ of La Manufacture was born to do this job. Seriously, you come across people in the service industry that simply were made to feel people at ease and relaxed. He helped us through the menu, suggested mix and matches we didn’t think of, took care of the other diners at the same time, cracked jokes and made sure our wine glasses were filled. A perfect 10!

The verdict 

Easily, La Manufacture is making it’s way into out top 10 Brussels brasseries. The setting has a historical ring to it I love. The restaurant is airy and modern. The food is fantastic (… and yes next time I will stick with my habits, and order cheese for dessert!) All in all a restaurant we will return to and take family and friends too. Plus La Manufacture is also ideally located just off the Grand Place, but not in the middle of the touristic hustle and bustle. 

La Manufacture – Rue Notre Dame du Someil 12, 1000 Brussels 



I would like to extend our thanks to La Manufacture  for inviting us to review their restaurant and organizing this amazing meal and to their staff for hosting us and dealing with our endless questions and cameras with grace.

Disclaimer: as always, all opinions written are our own.


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dinner at the fantastic #Brussels restaurant La Manufacture - review by @onfoodandwine

dinner at the fantastic #Brussels restaurant La Manufacture - review by @onfoodandwine

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