14 restaurants to eat game in Brussels

For those of you following us on Instagram you must have noticed that November was spent trying out many Brussels restaurants … specializing in game (gibier)

Belgium does a good game season, and although we take an annual trip to Durbuy to spend a ‘mountany’ weekend, eating great local food from the Ardennes, including game, there are a handful of Brussels restaurants which also serve a great game menu. Our favourite 14 restaurants specializing in game are: 

The Brasseries

Volle Gas we had one of our first dinner/ dates at this corner brasserie in Ixelles. The restaurant is usually full and during the game season it is known to serve a range of game meat. I must admit we haven’t been back in ages … but a full review will be shortly on the blog. 

Au Stekerlapatte what has become our local favourite, also does a great game menu. On our last visit there we enjoyed both a hare and a boar stew, delicious, served with cold Belgian beers on the side. Nothing you want more on a winter evening. 

The Meat Temples

De Hoef 1627 – we used to live so close to this restaurant we could practically smell the BBQ. Housed in the original location of a postal house (De Hoef) that dates from 1627, this restaurant is one of the only ones in Brussels that still has an open fire. You can imagine how great the game steaks taste! 

L’Entree des Artistes – this artsy restaurant close to Sablon offers great traditional Belgian fare. Depending on the season, you can eat many of the classic Belgian dishes such as steak frites (which is always on the menu) and now game. 

The Gault&Miliau 13/20

Les Petits Bouchons – this restaurant draws its name from establishments typical to Lyon, where you can enjoy local, traditional no-fuss cuisine. Les Petits Bouchons does a bit more than that and adds a touch of French/ brussels sophistication to the menu. Bonus? A 13/20 in the recent Gault & Miliau guide. 

Brugmann – a fantastic restaurant we recently went to for an exquisite dinner.  The chef is aiming high and game dishes include venison carpaccio, wood pigeon and confit hare. A delicious meal, in a stunning manor house setting, you will not easily forget. Full review coming up this month! Bonus? A 13/20 (as well) in the recent Gault & Miliau guide. 

The French Touch 

Le Fruit Defendu – a recent discovery for us (thanks to RestoPass) we loved our dinner at Le fruit Defendu. This small and cozy Ixelles restaurant is going strong for quite a while … for a reason. And as a follower pointed out on Instagram they serve a ‘tasty bambi’. 

Le Jules d’Emilie – remember when we ‘ventured’ to Watermael-Boitsfort? We really enjoyed this little local restaurant and with the game season on, it seems pintadeau (guinea fowl) made it onto their menu. Worth a try.  

The Classics

Restaurant Vincent – going strong in the centre of Brussels, Restaurant Vincent specializes in meat in every form. During the game season the menu gets extended to venison, boar and other delicious meats all cooked to perfection. 

La Manufacture – we loved eating out at this restaurant. Their game offer sounds as tasty as their usual menu and we would have a hard time chosing amongst wild boar confit, wood pigeon mousse of hare and fig galantine. What would you go for? 

The Contemporary 

Colonel – we haven’t been to Colonel yet. The restaurant is famous for its meat menu, but if you are heading there during the game season then give the venison filled with cacao nibs a try. It must be tasting as delicious as it sounds.  

Otap – a new restaurant on the Brussels scene, Otap specializes in surprising and modern food, with a twist. If you thought game is traditional, think again and order the game gyozas. Granted we haven’t yet been … but they do sound intriguing. 

The Michelin Stars 

Comme Chez Soi – we have tried our fair share of Michelin starred restaurants … but we haven’t yet been to Comme Chez Soi. However their reputation precedes them and the current winter menu including spiced venison, is for sure worth a detour. 

Bozar Brasserie – the meat pie of Karen Torosyan has already made the rounds of social media several times. The menu at this 1 star Michelin star restaurant is pure seasonal bliss and with game terrines, roe deer and hare grazing the menu it makes your mouth water. Not yet tried, but the reviews are stellar *.


disclaimer – the Meat Temples, The Contemporary, The Michel Stars photos restaurant owns’


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10 restaurants serving gibier(game) in Brussels - by @onfoodandwine

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