Hard Rock Cafe – Brussels

Oh, HRC! An institution all over the world and since 2012, Brussels is proudly hosting a Hard Rock Cafe right on the Grand Place. 

I really don’t think HRC needs any introduction or explanation. I remember the excitement amongst the expat community when we first heard news of HRC coming to Brussels.

Love it (or hate it), there is something about well established chains that was missing in Brussels. And HRC is testimony to that. Every time we have been over – the. best. cocktails! – the bar downstairs, or the restaurant upstairs were full to the brim. Tourists, locals, passers-by – everybody is welcome and finds something they like at HRC.

I have been there for simple happy hour after work. I have been there to enjoy their Christmas menu a few years back. I have been there with my brother looking for baby gifts to send back home.

Our last visit coincided with Thanksgiving. Sold out for dinner, we managed to get a spot for lunch and try our the Hard Rock Cafe Thanksgiving menu. Classic as it can be, we had pumpkin soup (delicious, but could have been spicier for my taste) and naturally turkey with all the stuffing and trimmings. Naturally we started with cocktails which I simply cannot praise enough. I spotted several Americans who were enjoying being home away from home. The portions were big and the food wholesome … so dessert was take-away. I was surprised HRC was surprised to be asked to take food away, but then again maybe regulars know 1) the portion size or 2) don’t go home after their lunch, but stay out to enjoy iconic Grand Place.

Can we take a moment to talk about the HRC Brussels location? There is no better spot to be in town and now that the Brussels Christmas tree is up, I bet the view is spectacular from the HRC restaurant upstairs.

We love our occasional dose of HRC and honestly the current Christmas menu looks very inviting. The New Year’s Eve menu is not too bad either … and let’s be honest, no one does a party better in town than HRC! So … what are you plans this New Year’s Eve?

Hard Rock Cafe Brussels, Grand Place 12A, 1000 Brussels

I would like to extend our thanks to Hard Rock Cafe Brussels for inviting us to try out their Thanksgiving menu, and for the lovely staff for indulging us and dealing with our endless questions and cameras with grace. We can’t wait to be back! 

Disclaimer: as always, all opinions written are our own.


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