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“Glorious Food and Wine is an excellent foodie blog run by 2 Brussels locals. Click on the restaurant tab for a page linking to all of their restaurant reviews, including a handy top 5” The Guardian, Travel (read the rest)

We love what we do on this blog, and hope you will too. Drop by every now and then, to check out our foodie and social bits and pieces. Or follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Interested to collaborate? Don’t hesitate to get in touch directly and email me Andreea Gulacsi, at andreea@onfoodandwine.com     

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Living in Brussels for 10 11 12 13 14 15 many (!) years, we got to discover both its good and bad sides. Moving away from home to study abroad, there were first the student parties, then the cocktail parties and finger food to proper dinner ‘entertaining’. 

What was initially a food (cooking) blog started in 2005, changed to a blog focusing on the social and foodie scene of Brussels, its many restaurants, discovering hidden gems and of course our travels. Why? Because our lives evolved. We is myself, Andreea Gulacsi, and my other half. A baby boy joined us in 2014 … so our little party of 3 is now busy, busy, busy (re-)discovering Brussels

Right. Almost forgot. Yes, we do also l-o-v-e to travel and drink beer

welcome & enjoy !


PR and Avdertising Queries

We started blogging in September 2005. This makes On Food and Wine one of the most established expat foodie blog in Brussels. Our target audience are expats and tourists visiting Brussels, usually 30+ of age and ready to follow our tips.  We are referenced in the press (at home and abroad) and usually score in the top 5 Google.co.uk and Google.com searches for Brussels food and travel tips. We are regular contributors to the Manyguide and the Townske app, are approved Google Local Guides and Lonely Planet Pathfinders and have a very active Pinterest presence.  

Sometimes we receive PRs and get asked if we would like to review a restaurant, participate in a tasting event of food or drinks products, and/or post advertisement on this site.

We are open to all! However in making yours and our lives easier please note we don’t simply copy/ paste PRs on the blog and we don’t write reviews of anything we have not tried out ourselves. We are however interested to participate in any of the following and although we have full time (non foodie related) jobs, we can organize ourselves to : 

  • participate in food and drink related events (eg Timmermans Brewery Visit, Lindemans Premium Gin)
  • try out food and drink related products or concepts (eg Vandemoortele Oil, Godiva, Neuhaus)
  • try out restaurants and write a review (eg Garuda, La Villa Lorraine)
  • try out newly opened or refurbished hotels for our Brussels City Guide (eg Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel, Crowne Plaza Le Palace)
  • join press visits and trips on social, travel or food related topics (eg for our Life in Belgium column).

We always reserve the right to point out to our readers that we are reviewing as per invitation. We always post a disclaimer when we have been invited by a restaurant to review it. We reserve the right to post both positive and negative reviews. And we also reserve the right to not post a review. Interest in our honest opinion? Get in touch.