Brussels is a (foodie) city waiting to be discovered. It might not be grand Paris or hipster London. But Brussels can easily hold its own when it comes to food, to museums, to shops and interesting neighbourhoods. If you are tourist enjoying a long weekend, a local wanting to discover a new restaurant, or a business traveller staying here for your two day meeting – our Brussles City Guides suit all tastes and budgets.

On this page we will provide helpful tips on what to do, what to see, where to stay, where to eat and yes, what to instagram when in Brussels through our regular Brussels City Guide. For quick Brussels suggestions you can follow us on Instagram (I tag my photos with #brusselsguide) or Twitter. The Brussels City Guides are created around Brussels areas we enjoy rather than going the traditional way (by commune) or the listing way (by restaurants). 

For suggestions or collaborations on the Brussels City Guide please send me an email to Andreea Gulacsi at